Monday, May 21, 2007

We wish our cheerleaders a clover's luck in their competition this Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Go Clovers,Go!: Technology to Aid Learning

Go Clovers,Go!: Technology to Aid Learning niyyelo Maurice He had a first hand view of good work... I bet they went impressed

Go Clovers,Go!: Save Trees by Making Your Own Recycled Paper

Go Clovers,Go!: Save Trees by Making Your Own Recycled Paper and do we have a recipe for a good student? can you dissolve all the class in one crucible will they all meld into a wonder breed? yes.. the Khalil Crucible mixes the best in Makassed Education Proud Amine Daouk

Go Clovers,Go!: Strawberry,Strawberry!

Go Clovers,Go!: Strawberry,Strawberry! I say that KHALIL is a lucky Makassed School who is getting the best in the modern attitude to education Strawberries have the deepest beautiful red colour...the only fruit with the seeds on the surface....Like Khalil Shehab... what you see is what breeds the best Lucky Khalil Shehab Thanks Jancette and Ghina

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Are you a strawberry lover?Our creative teacher Ms Jancette Jarkass along with our third graders made strawberry jam ,strawberry cake,strawberry jam sandwishes,and strawberry tartes.Students even dressed in red and had a strawberry face paint.

Save Trees by Making Your Own Recycled Paper

Everyday we use something that is made from trees. One of the things we use most often – especially in school- is paper. Because paper is so important to us and because we use so much of it, we need to make sure we don’t waste it. It only takes a second to use a napkin or tissue, but decades for a tree to grow. Fortunately, we can save trees by using less paper and by recycling paper.
Mrs. Rawya Shatila taught her second graders how paper is recycled. They also used the newly made paper to create cards for their friends and families. If you are interested in saving trees, below are the steps of recycling papers. Try it; you’ll enjoy it!
Fill a bucket with newspaper that has been torn in small pieces, and then add water.
Beat it with the whisk.
Dissolve three tablespoons of cornstarch in a cup of water and add it to the mixture in the bucket. Stir.
Pour a layer of the mixture on a window screen.
Place the screen on a thick layer of newspaper. Press out the extra mixture with a rolling pin.
Let it for two or three days until it dries.
Peel the recycled paper away from the screen.

Technology to Aid Learning

Mr Maurice Pettiford from the American embassy was our guest speaker on May second.He talked to our six graders about the wise use of technology and internet.He also showed them some interesting websites that could help the in their homework.Maurice & Edith,thanks galore.

Coco Ricco

KG and cycle one students enjoyed attending a play entitled Cocco Ricco by Jizelle Hashem Zard at the Odeon theater.