Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Outside My Classroom Windows

What's outside our classroom windows?
 Click to view a 3D scene of what we see outside our classroom windows...
Move around and zoom in to check out the smallest details! 

"Outside My Classroom Windows" is a project that tells a lot about where people live. We looked outside of the classroom windows for five minutes and drew what we saw.
Friends from different countries are going to join in and then we'll compare and contrast the things we see!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Rights; My Responsibilities

tell me why

here are our balloons 

hoping other children will read our rights

Becoming a "Smithsonian Classroom"

Smithsonian Classroom Certificate

By becoming a Smithsonian Classroom, we pledge to uphold the Smithsonian's mission, which is "the increase and diffusion of knowledge." In addition, by making this pledge, we are representing our country in the ePals Global Community. 
We have earned Smithsonian Stars by joining in a fun activity. Each time we earn a Smithsonian Star, we are learning about the world in exciting ways.
Be a Museum Expert!  We drew our newly discovered species, gave them names, and described them.

Monday, March 28, 2011

"Ni Hao" To Our Aussie Friends

We have watched the first video from our friends at Laurimar Primary School, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Southern Hemisphere, which is a response to our introduction video.

We were so excited to see our new friends for the first time. Here is our video showing our response. 

We've tried to say, "Hello, my name is ___. " in Chinese and we hope you'll learn how to say that in Arabic. 
Thank you so much!
You can also view this on our "Lunch Box" wiki page.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebrating Children's Rights with Mini Studio at Othman thinnourain school

KSPS Math and Science Stars

At the end of the second term we are elated to announce KSPS Math and Science shiny Stars.These stars are the first four top achievers that took an excellent average in both Math and Science.

Grade 1: Aya Darwish, Mohammad Itani, Sara Abdallah, Rida Labban
Grade 2: Riwa Al Khateeb, Youssof Halabi, Wael Maarouf, Reem Afra
Grade 3: Ahmad Melhem, Ruba Ani, Sana Itani, Jamal Yamout
Grade 4: Omar Fedawi, Mouhideen Tabesh, Rakan Al Khateeb, Mohammad Darwish
Grade 5: Mohammad Shatila, Omar Wazzan, Hadi Naser, Dana Hallak
Grade 6: Nour Itani, Riham Fidawi, Rayan Kaheel, Iman Shehab

Friday, March 25, 2011

Using Mouse Mischief

Mouse Mischief from ‘’Microsoft Corporation” integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint letting teachers insert questions and drawing activity slides into their lessons.
Students can actively participate in these lessons by using their own wireless mice to click, circle, cross out, or draw answers on the screen.
Mouse Mischief can transform teaching and learning in the classroom allowing teachers to create interactive presentations that engage and excite every student in the classroom.  
Grade 6 students at KSPS experienced using this technique on Saturday. This technique sparked students’ curiosity by incorporating interactive technology in the curriculum. Students had fun learning while seeing visual representation of their answers on the white board while using colorful mouse pointers (like a robot, snowflake, guitar...).
 I immediately saw my students’ answers on the screen. This allowed me to have better visibility into the progress and comprehension of the entire class so I can adjust the lesson explained on the spot and give my feedback.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

أمي أنا أحبك كثيرا

إحتفل أطفال صف الروضة الثانية في مدرسة عثمان ذي النورين برفقة معلميهم و معلماتهم و بحضور أمهاتهم بأحلى عيد أم حيث غنوا لهن أغاني الأم الممتعة و قدموا لهن الهدايا التي صنعوها بأنفسهم ثم أطلقوا صرخاتهم عاليا و بصوت واحد قائلين : أمي أنا أحبك كثيرا

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Aussie Epals

Here is a slideshow of our new friends' school in Australia. It was build in 1996. The school population was getting bigger so they needed another school. 
Dear epals, we have watched your slideshow today. If you'd like to know what we like about your school, watch our video! 

Special thanks to Ms. Amanda Eleison...
looking forward to collaborating with you soon!

A Cup of Tea for MOM and Me!

Nursery children invited their mothers to a Tea Party. They played, sang and gave the gift they prepared to their mothers. It was a special day for both mothers and children. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mom's Special Day

  making Mother's Day cards and....singing

a poem to my mom

"I Think my MOM is Amazing!"
 we couldn't hold our tears back when we watched the video for the first time
Thank you, God, for our caring and loving mothers
 and  for the precious love of the mothers you have given us!

Nobody knows of the work it makes 

To keep the home together, 

Nobody knows of the steps it takes, 

Nobody knows -- but Mother."


The Interaction of Living Things



the removal of any object will affect the web

We, first graders, reused items to demonstrate the interdependency of living things and became "young scientists" seeking to understand how living things live together. We connected these items to show how they interact. Then when covering one item, we noticed how everything in the natural world is connected and the removal of any object will certainly affect the web and cause many problems to the environment.

Monday, March 21, 2011

أولادنا ثمار قلوبنا

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم:"عودوا المريض، وأطعموا الجائع، وفكوا العاني" صدق رسول الله تعزيزاً لروح المبادرة وحب عمل الخير ومن ضمن الأنشطة اللاصفية لمادة التربية الإسلامية،قام تلاميذ ابتدائية خليل شهاب ببيع الأطعمة المختلفة في المدرسة وقدموا ريعها هدية بمناسبة يوم الطفل لمرضى سرطان الأطفال في مستشفى المقاصد كما وقدموا لهم الهدايا، وجلسوا معهم ، وتمنوا لهم الشفاء

Friday, March 18, 2011

البيت القروي اللبناني

للبيوت أشكال وأنواع مختلفة حول العالم ولكن للبيت القروي اللبناني ميزة خاصة تعالوا نرى كيف صنع أطفال الحضانة هذا البيت وكيف جرى العمل ؟
نلصق الملاقط الخشبية نزيين باب البيت نصنع مصابيح الإنارة نلصق الحيوانات
نرسم البركة
نرش العشب الأخضر

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

من حقي أن أحلم

في إطار موضوع الحفاظ على البيئة قام أطفال الروضة الثانية بتدوير أغراض متنوعة أحضروها من منازلهم : أقراص مدمجة، لفافات ورق ، أغطية قناني ... و قاموا بتلوينها وتزيينها كما جمعوا أوراق شوكولا لصنع ثوب فضفاض ألبسوه لفتاة صنعوها بأنفسهم تحلم ببيئة نظيفة – استمتع التلاميذ بهذا النشاط كثيراً وانتهى عملهم بصنع لوحة جماعية تحت عنوان " من حقي أن أحلم..."

Monday, March 14, 2011

أهل القرآن هم أهل الله وخاصته

عن أبي هريرة رضي الله تعال عنه عن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال:" إذا مات ابن آدم انقطع عمله الا من ثلاث، صدقة جارية، أو علم يُنتفع به،أو ولد صالح يدعو له". بحضور السيدة عدلا شاتيلا والسيدة غنى البدوي، جرت المسابقة السنوية المخصصة للصف الخامس الأساسي لحفظ سورة يس ووزعت عائلة المرحوم محي الدين عيتاني جائزة نقدية لكل مشترك كما قدمت نسخ من المصحف الشريف لجميع تلامذة الصف الخامس

Monday, March 07, 2011

Make Your Wish Come True!

Have you ever wanted to be able to make your wish come true?
Watch this video and find out how...
you only need to follow some instructions...
May all of your wishes come true quickly and happily!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray for the 100th Day!

counting to 100 

If I had 100$, I would buy a ................. .

Wacky Wish

When I'm 100 years old, I will look like this!

"100th Day of School" is the perfect time to have fun with the number 100. We've been learning in our classroom for 100 days so far and it's the time to celebrate our 100th through many activities.

100 days are here, come on give a cheer
100 days are here, Hooray! Hooray!
100 days have come, come on join the fun,
100 days are here, HIP, HIP, HOORAY!

مبروك المرتبة الأولى

خليل بتلعب... بتهزّ الملعب
بعد أن تأهل فريق كرة السّلة للصّف الخامس الأساسي لعب المباراة النهائية على ملعب مدرسة أبي بكر الصّديق ضد مدرسة خالد بن الوليد وكان الفوز حليفنا بنتيجة 15-11 وبالتالي يكون فريق مدرستنا للصّف الخامس قد فاز ببطولة المقاصد المصّغّرة في لعبة كرة السّلة لهذا العام .وقد زيّن المباراة حضور رئيس الجمعية الأستاذ أمين الداعوق ومديرتنا الكريمة السّيدة غنى البدوي حافظ.شكر خاص للمدرّب شكيب وألف مبروك للاعبين التالية أسماؤهم:محمد أوسكار-علي الأسمر-عمر أيوب-منير شميساني-محمد أبوبكر-وسيم المحمد-محمد نقّاش-علي شهاب-هادي ناصر-محمد علي زيدان-