Thursday, May 30, 2013

وجبة خفيفة ولذيذة

وجبة خفيفة ولذيذة
      ضمن الأنشطة الدّاعمة للمنهج وضمن محورالغذاء قام تلامذة الّصف الأّوّل بنشاط تحضير وجبة طعام ( الموز والعسل)لذلك طغى اللّون الأصفر على الملبوسات والأحذية والشرائط التي اعتلت رؤوس التلميذات اللواتي تتوجن تتوجن  باللّون الأصفر.
    وقد حضّر التلّامذة هذه الوجبة الخفيفة بأناملهم الصّغيرة ومن ثمّ تناولوها باردة بواسطة العيدان فالف صحة على قلوبهم.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fishy Fish


K.G.2 students learned about "Fish". They made different projects, learned songs, and executed different activities related to math, science, oral language, and art. They had a fishy week!


الأحمر يجتاح خليل شهاب

     قام تلامذة الحلقة الأولى بتحضير ما لّذ وطاب من وجبات ،العنصر الأساسي فيها هو الفريز ،فقد اعتمدوا عليه كأساس لهذا الّنشاط، فقد شربوا عصير الفريز ،وتناولوا كوكتيل الفواكه،وتارت الفريز.

      وأخيرا حضرنا مربى الفريز، الذي تمّ تذوّقه من قبل أغلبية التّلاميذ في المدرسة اما مع الخبز العربي أو الافرنجي أو المرقوق ، أو التوست فألف صحة على قلوب الجميع.   


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Caring School Community

Grade 3 students got the chance to start the “Caring School Community” project. They started up with team-building activities to get to know one another and build a classroom community where everyone feels safe and comfortable. They created two circles, an inside circle and an outside circle. An inside circle facing out and an outside circle facing in, to meet and talk with different partners. Every student was facing a student in the other circle. On the teacher’s clap, the students will hear a question they have to ask to their partner and on the second clap, the students in the inside circle will step one student to the right so they’d have a new partner. The students asked each other many questions such as:
           -  What is something fun you did over the summer?
           - Who are the people in your family?
       -   What is one special thing you learned this year?
            - What are the problems you face in the playground? And how would you solve them?
            - What are the things you’d like to change in your class?
            - How do you like to study?
After they finished asking questions, some volunteers shared something they learned about a classmate. Then the teacher helped them connect their experience to those of others.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Big Dance 2013


In the presence of the British Ambassador to Lebanon, Tom Fletcher, 50 Makassed KSPS students joined their peers in lebanon and around the world last Saturday 18 May at Souk Beirut Down Town at 10.30 am to perform the Big Dance, organized by the British Council, as a legacy to the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, created especially by Tamara Rojo, Artistic Director, English National Ballet. English National Ballet is committed to the Big Dance legacy of inspiring more people to participate in and experience dance through widening opportunity to dance in all its forms, raising aspirations and developing sustainable networks.
Following last year’s remarkable big dance event in Lebanon with 34 Lebanese public and private schools and 2400 students taking over the Parliament Square downtown Beirut, this year again, Souk Beirut witnessed the Big Dance with over 1000 students coming together from 15 schools to celebrate this day with their counterparts from around the world for a 3 minute dance routine with the aim of encouraging people to get into dance, increase fitness levels and generate a legacy of dance for all.

Monday, May 06, 2013

KSPS students in a Video Conference with their peers in New York

They came to school with their parents at 5:00 PM full of energy and enthusiasm asking me: Where are our friends now? Can we tell them everything we did concerning recycling? What do you think they will ask us? This is how KSPS students prepared and got ready for their video conference with their peers of IEARN project entitled YouthCan who were at the National Museum in New York. Students exchanged knowledge and experience about activities done to protect the environment.
After that, our students wrote their feedback about this experience as follows:

Makassed KSPS Students in a Video Conference on PhotoPeach
Rasha Sokar: My name is Rasha, I am really happy because I am in Makassed Khalil Shehab School. I am in the third grade. Today in the school we talked to other students from foreign countries. We talked about pollution, earth and planting. As for pollution, it’s important not to throw garbage only in baskets. As for earth, we shouldn’t smoke to keep a healthy and fresh air. Regarding planting, we planted in our classrooms, so each one of us has a plant to care for. Thank you our school. Thank you Mrs. Rana, Rasha and all.
Salma Abdullah: I’m Salma, I am a fifth grader. In April 29, 2013 I participated in the YouthCan Project. My friends and I talked to some students in New York about green activities both of us did. It is a wonderful feeling to communicate with students around the world!!! Especially when we share our concerns about clean and green environment to create a better future!
Ghida Itani: It was Monday, we came back to school at 5 o’clock. We talked on Skype with other students from New York City and spoke with them about our visit to Baabda's forest and what we did there. They asked us about how we can protect the environment, so my friend Marwa and I answered them. It was a nice and beautiful day.
Ahmad Melhem:  It was a nice day, we came to school at 5:00 P.M, and talked with other American students via Skype. We told them about the visit to Baabda's reserve and how to protect our environment. They asked us questions and we answered them. It was an amazing day that we wouldn’t have missed.
Marwa Kahaf: Communicating with each other is very nice, because we get to know one another especially when we communicated with students from New York on Monday at 5:00 P.M. We spoke about how to protect our environment and how we should make it clean. They asked questions and we answered them and had lots of fun because we love communicating.
Lynn Hallak: What an exciting Experience! We went to school and talked on Skype with student from New York. We told them about our activities concerning recycling and planting.