Friday, January 30, 2009

Certificates from The British Council

Mrs. Ghina Al Badawi and a number of our teachers were invited to Unesco Palace on Friday, January 23rd to receive certificates for attending workshops organized by The British Council in the presence of the British Embassador Mrs. Francis Guy and the Lebanese minister of Education Mrs. Bahiya Al- Harriri. Mrs. Ghina was presented with an appreciation award for delivering ICT workshops for teachers and principals. Mrs. Rawya Shatila, Mrs. Zeina Shehab, Mrs. Mirvat Edelbi, Miss Samar Al Masri from Khalil Shehab together with Mrs. May Hajjar and Mrs. Masarra Al Rifae also received certificates for attending the ICT workshops that were presented last year. To our principal, we say thank you for your pioneer ideas and super efforts. To our teachers, we say you are doing a great job to try to keep updated regarding what's new in the fields of both education and technology. Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

إفطار صباحي على الطريقة اللبنانية

ضمن النّشاطات المنهجية الهادفة و بعد إتمام درس يوم العونة (فرط الزيتون)، أقام تلامذة الصفّ الثاني إفطاراً جماعياً حيث أحضر كل تلميذ نوعاً من المؤونة اللبنانية التي عُرِضت على الطاولة بطريقةٍ شهية. ثم تحدث البعض عن طريقة إعداد بعض الأصناف و قام البعض الآخر بطبخ الكشك بإشراف المعلمة ليجتمعوا بعدها على طاولة شهيّة حَوَت معظم أصناف المؤونة اللبنانية مثل: اللبنة بالزيت و الزيتون (أسود، أخضر)و المربى، الدبس، الكشك ، و الزعتر

Friday, January 23, 2009

Grade Two New Friends From Alabama

About Our New Friends
About Us
Thank You Very Much For Being Our Friends!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ENO Climate Campaign 2009

Eno Climate Campaign Speech by Mohamad Darwishe, Grade Two Eno Climate Campaign Play performed by Grade Two Frank the Frog: Ali Bissani Boy: Mohamad Darwishe Ted the Tree: Mohamad Al-Hussein Rabbit: Rakan Al-Khatib Dad: Muheiddin Tabesh Mom: Jana Itani Written by: Najwa Hassouna Our school takes part in climate change campaign by the ENO Programme. ENO-Environment Online is a global virtual school for sustainable development that has spread its activities to over 120 countries. For more information about this programme visit

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

جوائز لمتفوقي الصف الثاني

بعد انتهاء الفصل الأول و صدور النتائج، قامت مربية الصف الثاني الأساسي السيدة عبير الكوش بتوزيع هدايا تشجيعية على الفائزين بالمراتب الأولى و هم
الأول: محي الدين الطبش الثاني: محمد الحسين الثالث: علي بيساني
ألف مبروك و إلى الأمام

Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Newest Class Member "The Snowman"


Using Technology in Learning

Our school is oriented toward the future. We believe that it is our duty to try and make the whole world available to our students. Because the majority of our students are very competent when it comes to using computers and the internet, we have succeeded in creating valuable opportunities to establish learning through technology. We had the privilege of being the first school to which trainers from the British Council headed two weeks ago and gave our grade five and six students a training session on how to use the educational and at the same time entertaining website that was created by the British Council: Students explored the website, played a number of its educational games, listened to stories, and sang songs. Instant feedbacks showed their interest in using the website on their own at home. Each student also received a bag which included many items from the British Council. We really appreciate all the assessments and work done by the British Council, and we will effectively take advantage of it in order to have a more fruitful year.