Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Working together?

I am deeply moved by the anonymous quotes that Miss Hasnoa Mneimneh from ABSS chose to post on FB. I like to share them with you as we always say,"Together we achieve more": Working together can never be a policy. It can only be an idea. It can never be a code of rules. It can only be a way of looking at the world. We can say, "This is mine," and be good, or we can add, "This is ours" and become better. We can think, "I do my share," and be satisfied, or we can ask, "Can I do more?" and become prosperous We can work alongside each other and function Or we can work with each other and grow

Our Artwork On "THINGSTALK" Website

"A selection of the children’s waste sculptures will be presented to the participants of COP15 as a part of the planned "Children’s Creative ClimateCamp" which will take place in Ballerup and Rødovre from 2-6 December 2009. The children’s waste sculptures and their short climate statements will be regarded as the voices of the children." We have invented artwork out of waste and unused materials and shared our recycling projects on thingtalk website. We very much hope that our voices will be heard around the world.
Special thanks to Miss Hoda Shaaban for her kind assistance.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

زيارة إلى المسجد العمري الكبير

صلاة الظّهر في الجامع العمري الكبير

A Special Bond With The Elderly Community: Maine, USA

"Our community has a growing number of elderly people. We have a local organization, Spectrum Generations, that helps them stay connected within our community. The community being Nobleboro and other surrounding towns. Mrs Paula welcomed this group of people into her classroom several years ago and it has grown into something very special. Students in grades 2 & 3 meet with senior buddies once a month for the entire school year. Activities are planned for each visit. Everyone enjoys making friends and creating a special bond with the elderly community. Our last visit of the year is always a little sad as buddies say good-bye for the summer.Our Voice Thread project are pictures of students with their buddy holding a Thanksgiving turkey they made together. Hope you enjoy!" Mrs. Linda Taylor
What gifts do the elderly prefer more than care and concern??? NO words can describe these photos...these are the photos that describe LOVE...We can feel the warmth and happiness just looking at them.
Mrs Schuster and Mrs Taylor, you have touched our hearts....Good teachers create good learners, but GREAT teachers like you, create better human beings.
You are making a difference!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Story: Sunset Elementary School

First Graders at Sunset Elementary School in CO, USA, retold a story of Thanksgiving. They did such a wonderful job! It's an interesting way for us to learn about the story of this special holiday...wishing you peace on this great day of thanks.... Mrs Arnett, we are so very THANKFUL for the friendship we share!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

أفضل الجهاد حج مبرور

Adha Greetings From Grade Six

Grade Six students wanted to greet you in their own way. For that reason, they headed to the computer lab to use their computer skills to draw and write about Adha. They used the paint program to design their own greetings. They worked hard to finish their drawings and used a variety of colors and shapes. Their cards were very beautiful and reflected their creativity. It was their own special way of saying Adha Mubarak.

My Eid Day "Voicethread"

We have created our first "Voice thread" to share how we usually spend our first day of Eid. You can comment in five simple ways: by telephone, by computer microphone, by web cam, by writing text, or by drawing.
first graders wish you Blessed Eid Al- Adha

Celebrating The Joy Of Eid

عيد الاضحى المبارك

إحتفل أطفال صف الروضة الثانية مع رفاقهم ومعلماتهم وزينوا بأياديهم الصغيرة اطارا على شكل خروف العيد

أضحى مبارك

غمرتهم الفرحة و هم يصنعون بأيديهم خروف العيد، فانهالوا عليه بالقطن الأبيض ليجعلوا منه بطاقة معايدة تقول لكم أضحى مبارك

أضحى مبارك

أضحى مبارك إلى جميع أفراد الأسرة المقاصدية من أطفال عثمان ذي النورين

عيد كم مبارك

تلامذة ابتدائية خليل شهاب يتوجهون إلى الجميع بخالص التهاني و الأمنيات
بمناسبة عيد الأضحى المبارك ..أعاده الله عليكم بالخير و اليمن و البركات

Eid Greetings

Eid is a day of happiness and sharing the joy of the day with you... Let us rejoice indeed...for this is the day of EID! a very very Happy Eid to you...SMILE
best wishes on Eid Al-Adha from nursery to grade six students

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ضمن النشاطات اللامنهجية تم عرض مسرحية "نور والكائنات البحرية"على مسرح مدرسة أبي بكر الصديق يحضور تلامذة الصف الثاني أساسي اللآفت في هذه المسرحية موضوعها الذي تمحور حول المحافظة على البيئة وخاصة البيئة البحرية يكل مكوناتها. تفاعل التلاميذ واندمجوا ورددواالعبارات التي دارت على السنة الشخصيات بحماسة ظاهرة من أهم هذه الشخصيات :البحار بوباي وزوجته زيتونه،السمكة نيمو،الأقزام السبعة وغيرها

اليتيم يأخذ بيدك الى الجنة

عملا بقول النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم:" امسح رأس اليتيم واطعم المسكين" ولغرس روح المبادرة وحب عمل الخير عند تلاميذنا، ومن ضمن الأنشطة اللاصفية المتعلقة بمادة التربية الاسلامية، قام تلامذتنا بجمع الملابس وترتيبها وتوضيبها وإرسالها كهدية رمزية لتلاميذ دار الأيتام الإسلامية وذلك لنكون ممن أحبوا الخير فعملوا به. أتقدم بالشكر للزميلات هدى شعبان، رنا لوند، جانسيت جركس ودنيا بدر الدين اللواتي ساهمن في انجاح هذا العمل.كل عام وانتم بخير

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Cooperative Learning Method: Peer Tutoring

Every week, students are experiencing different cooperative learning styles.During the last science sessions, students learned using peer-tutoring. First, I explained and demonstrated peer tutoring.Miss Rana was our guest;she pretended to be my tutor while the students watched.Then I asked the class to get into pairs quickly and quietly.Every student practiced and role-played with his peer just as the teachers did.I gave feedback to every pair while they were practicing. The advantages of applying peer tutoring in class: 1-Every student will have someone that sits next to him and personally explains the work in a way that is just right for him — not too slow and not too fast. 2- There will definitely be more learning opportunities for students. They will be practicing what they have learnt while reading and writing. 3- If students are confused, they will be more at ease at asking questions to their classmate,without anxiety and fear of being embarrassed in front of the whole class.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving At Nobleboro Central School

everyone helped...
enjoying dinner with families
made by grade one students
It's "Thanksgiving"! It's time for spreading happiness. Our friends at Nobleboro Central School in Maine, USA celebrated "Thanksgiving" with their community this past Friday. All of students attended dinner along with their family members. Fall decorations were made and the cafeteria was set up for this wonderful event. Mrs. Linda Taylor, we loved your activities on that special day. You've made the word "THANKFUL" real for your students and it's so interesting to learn how you have prepared for this holiday. Thanks for sharing and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family Cake

Based on "Our Families" theme and letter C, our teacher invited our mothers to bake a cake for us at school. First,we were introduced to our friends' family members,then our mothers baked a cake for us in the school's kitchen and we formed letter c out of the cake and tasted it. It was a yummy activity. KG1 Class

Parents & Students TOGETHER!

Parent involvement is a combination of commitment and vital participation on the part of the parents to the school and to the students. The concept of parental involvement with the students and the school is a vital one and can construct great rewards for all concerned. Students feel “special” when their parents take part in their classroom experience. They want to share their friends with their parents, and their parents with their friends. They perceive their parents in different role. Students want to show off their newly acquired skills. For parents, such firsthand experience can provide insight into how their children spend their time at school, a basis for observing their children in relation to their age-mate.

Educating children is a shared responsibility between parents and teachers. When parents contribute in their child's school experience, everyone wins.

Oscar On Independence Day: Poland

Our friends in Poland celebrated Independence Day on November 11th. Oscar took part in the ceremony at school. and celebrated Halloween, too... Happy Halloween!

E-mail Letters To Our Friends In Maine, USA

epals pictures..."Here is my friend!"

"I read your children's letters. It is so interesting to see how similar the children's interests are. I think that they will think it is cool that the children play the same sports, have the same hobbies and watch the Disney Channel. "
Mrs. Paula Schuster
Thank you Mrs Schuster for this message. It was exciting to send our e-mail letters to you and develop beautiful friendships. We're having a great time communicating with all of you and looking forward to sharing a new project soon.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

أنا في قلب الوطن

يوم الإستقلال

إحتفاءً في هذا اليوم الوطني أحَبَ تلاميذ صفّي الثالث والرابع الأساسيّين أن يعبروا على طريقتهم وذلك من خلال لعبة التصويب على السّلة وقد فاز تلاميذ الصف الثالث الأساسي مبروك للفائزين وكل إستقلال وأنتم بخير