Monday, October 26, 2015

Science Hands-on Activities

Since I believe that students learn best if they are actively engaged, several hands-on activities are always performed during science classes.
The Life Cycle Plate:
Grade 4 students were studying about the life cycle of living things. They translated their learning into an interesting hands-on activity. Every student took a life cycle of a different living thing and formulated “The Life Cycle Plate”.

Mitosis activities:
Teaching students about Mitosis is quite challenging since this lesson is completely new for my fifth graders.

I asked students to translate the stages of Mitosis into “The Mitosis Booklet” and “The Mitosis Plates”. These 2 activities ensured that students fully understood and memorized the stages of Mitosis.

The Mitosis  Plates 

The Mitosis Booklet

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Angles in Our Names!

Did you know that your name is full of angles? 
Well, you can try this activity as my 6th graders. While we were studying about measuring and types of angles I asked my students to draw their own names, then measure the angles using their protractors and classify them. Finally, students sat in groups of 4 members and compared angles found in their names (number, type).

Students learned that angles are found in almost everything around us. They also learned to measure and classify angles in a very funny and innovative way.  

I bet you are all trying to find angles in your own names.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wrinkled Hearts (Be Respectful!)

Grade 4 students learned the importance of being respectful to others through this amazing activity “Wrinkled Hearts “.

We started the activity with a simple heart shape .I told them that this is the heart of a boy named “Fadi” who just started his first day in the new school, and we are going to listen to his story. I asked them that each time they hear a comment that hurts the boy‘s feeling they should crumble a section of the heart. We continued that until the heart was all crumbled.

Then we discussed how bad Fadi was feeling and that they should know that each time they say something hurtful to someone ,they are putting a little wrinkle in that person’s heart.

After that  I asked them to tell things they might say to Fadi so he would know he was important and we respected him, with each response we tried to smooth out the paper, but of course the wrinkles can still be seen .No matter how hard we tried we can’t take back the hurtful comments that we say.
At the end, we wrote a poem in the middle of the heart and we hanged the wrinkled hearts on the bulletin board, it will serve as a great reminder all year long.
Before you speak
Think and be smart
It’s hard to fix
A wrinkled heart

Monday, October 12, 2015

Discovering The 5 Senses

What are our five senses? Which body part is connected to each sense? 
This week, the first graders Discovered & Explored all about  their 5 senses - things they love to see, hear, taste, smell and touch! Have a look at our activities!

Experimenting with the senses is fun for everyone with the mystery box!

Labeling the parts of our body we use to see, smell, taste, hear, and touch!


Thursday, October 08, 2015

What is Respect?!

This month all KSPS students are learning about a new value “Respect”.
What is respect? And why it is important for us to be respectful? To answer these questions 6th graders did some investigations; they browsed the net and asked their parents and teachers about the meaning of respect. Now it’s time to translate their understandings into actions, every student wrote a different experience they faced where they disrespected their parents, siblings, friends…
Every student shared his/her experience in front of the whole class, then we selected a 6th grader story and acted it out.

Script by: Ahmad Imad
Mother: Jana Al Ghaly
Dad: Jalal Hijazi
Son: Mohammad Al Masri

Finally, we used “Wordle” a web 2.0 tool to write synonyms of respect that we learned in this activity.