Monday, January 18, 2016

An Apple a Day, keeps the Doctor Away!

The KG2 students have been learning about Community Helpers, and fun in the Neighbourhood. While investigating the Doctors, we discovered that we should eat healthy foods. The best way to learn and remember to eat healthily, is to make it fun. So on Thursday, Miss Joumana letlet the KG2 students make their own snack!
First, the students identified the different fruits they had brought to school, and their initial sound. They waited patiently while Miss Joumana peeled the fruit and distributed it to the students for them to cut up themselves.
The students all had a plastic knife and cut up the apple, orange, banana, (and red group had a Kiwi, thank you Mohamad Ali! Several of the students saw the brown skin and thought it was a potato, but when they saw it was furry and green inside, they realised that it wasn't, and were interested to know what it actually was! ) and clementine.
For hygiene purposes, Miss Joumana covered all of the tables with a disposable tablecloth, and gave each student their own cup with their name on it. Therefore they cut their own fruit salad for snack, and ate only from their own food.
The students had a lot of fun cutting their fruit, and felt a great sense of accomplishment with completing their fruit salad themselves.
Well done KG2. 
No more chocolate for second snack!!!!