Sunday, December 28, 2014

English Tea Party

    The last day of 2014 at KSPS was a remarkable day for grades 5 and 6!
 Everyone brought a delicious treat with their favorite cup from home and we celebrated our last day at school by drinking tea and eating the finest of our home-made treats.

We recalled the memories and activities we have had throughout the year and we got to know more about the history of "Tea Party".

We were happy to work together as a team, organizing the table, managing the food, and cleaning it afterwards ... it was such a wonderful day!

We hope the coming year would be a better and prosperous year for everyone!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Differentiated Instructions

Differentiated Instruction requires that we know our students as human beings and understand how each student learns.
I would like to share with you the following presentation posted on "Creative Educators" online magazine.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Model Drawing

Solving a math word problem is quiet a hard task for most students. Thus, specific strategies are used to help students in this approach.
In my opinion, “Model Drawing” has the greatest impact in building children's confidence and intelligence in dealing with math problems. Most students enjoy visual effects. Seeing abstract relationships, represented by concrete and colorful images, helps in understanding, leading to the solution of the problem. For this reason, we are using small portable white boards in all math problem solving sessions to help us translate the word problems into colorful images.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

The RIGHT to Grow Right

Destination: ESCWA, Downtown, Beirut

Date: Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Event: International Human Rights Day

Action: All Makassed students gathered in front of ESCWA to highlight their campaign which was about Children’s rights.

KSPS G5 students also gathered there, as a part of their ISA 2014-2015 activities/projects. Othman KG students also joined our team, together we made a huge circle requesting the rights of our children, the rights that has to be respected and granted.

Purpose: Students discovered their rights and also became aware of those rights.


On this special occasion, I would like to share Rash Sukkar’s speech:

“Dear President, principal, ladies and gentleman,
Millions of children
around the world have no access to education. They are forced to work long hours under hazardous conditions. In many cases, they are abused by the very individuals responsible for their care and deprived from playing. Many children grow without having health care, food, shelter, and family. By looking at their eyes, we can feel how sad and afraid they are.
are the world; yes, we are the world. We are the sunshine, and we are the future. We are here to say please protect children around the world, so they can grow up to become brave adults. Our demands are very simple, we need to play, have fun, enjoy, express ourselves, our voices to be heard, we need to be cared, to be treated fairly, to be protected from all types of violence and abuse. We need to have good education. All we need is to grow happily and safely in a healthy world.
Thank you for your attention and patience!

But remember if only someone could make a change, together we can make a difference.
Thank you!"


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nestle Healthy Kids Documentary

 I’m elated to share with you “Nestle Health Kids Documentary” that was captured last spring at KSPS.



Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Our Rivers, Our World!" by Mr. Banchs from the US Embassy in Lebanon

Two days ago, Makassed KSPS hosted the speaker bureau, a program provided by the cultural affairs office at the US. Embassy in Lebanon through a valuable and interactive lecture provided by Mr. Antonio Banchs from the US embassy.  The lecture entitled "Our Rivers, Our World!" was offered  to our sixth graders from Makassed KSPS, Khadijah, and OBK schools with the presence of Mrs. Souheir Zein, the director of Makassed Research and Development Center, and Mrs. Edith Bitar, the assistant of cultural affairs office at the US Embassy. At the end, Mr. Banchs gave generous gifts of worldwide old and current coins to all students and teachers.

It was a great event due to the efforts, interactivity and valuable information provided by Mr. Banchs as well as the mutual collaboration between our school and the US Embassy. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Banchs and Mrs. Edith Bitar for their caring, time and cooperation.

Mr. Banchs maintained the following points in his lecture:
What is water?
Discuss the percentage of salt vs. drinking water
Cycle of water:  Evaporation/Transpiration, Condensation, Precipitation, Infiltration, Runoff
All water is not the same:
  • Hard water has higher concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium
  • Salt water requires desalination and cannot be used for drinking or irrigation
  • We must protect our drinking water sources or we will waste additional energy trying to reclaim drinking water from polluted water
How important is water to the human being?
Percentage of water that makes up things.
Amount of water it takes to produce things.
Desalination Process vs. Protecting our water sources
Number of desalination plants and the amount of energy it takes to process water
What can we do?
Simple everyday functions that we can change to contribute to saving our drinking water sources
Become informed!

Monday, November 17, 2014

ICT in Math

The idea of statistics for grade 5 students is quite new so a different strategy was needed to approach the concept. Thus, a survey paper was prepared including ten questions that asked about favorite color, food, subject, pet, sport, hobby…etc. The survey papers were distributed to all KSPS staff (teachers and administrators) and fifth graders asked their help to understand the lesson by answering all the questions. After that, students went to the computer lab to classify the results. They drew different types of charts that allowed them to read the results easily. It’s really beneficial to integrate ICT in our Math sessions.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

مسرحية " لونا ودودو"

من ضمن إطار النشاطات اللاصفيةالترفيهيةالهادفة
شاهد أطفال عثمان ذي النورين مسرحية "لونا ودودو" على مسرح الاتينيه /جونية. سلطت المسرحية الضوء على المهن وأهمية الصداقة بطريقة ممتعة ومحببة للجميع. وكان العرض هادفاً ومميزا"جداً

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A shift towards E-learning

The science department at KSPS started online quizzes for cycle 2 classes. Different web tools are used to create these quizzes such as hot potatoes, zoomerang, proprofs… The advantage of such quizzes is saving our time and the environment as well as. Students are having immediate feedback on their results and waiting for their next quiz impatiently.




The Mitosis Rap

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Modeling the stages of Mitosis

Every student learns the subject matter in a variety of different ways, thus several hands-on activities were done in grade 5 to engage students to learn about the stages of Mitosis. Kinesthetic students became kitchen chiefs and prepared “vegetables spaghetti” where its ingredients were used as the cell’s organelles. Musical students composed a rap song about the process of cell division.

                      Some students modeled Mitosis using clay.

Some students drew the stages of Mitosis.

Some students modeled the stages of Mitosis using wool.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Elections at KSPS!

A student from G5 is voting with enthusiasm
   5 November 2014 was a very critical date for KSPS G5 students. On this day the class had to make a choice, students had to decide, choose, and vote for their friends, and eventually vote for the student who deserved to be the president of the class.
   The candidates were prepared to give a speech and to show their fellow classmates what they would do for the class and school, if they were elected to be the president of the class. Students had prepared banners and had slogans on them to cheer the audience and their candidate friends.


The students are cheering up their friend Mohammad Itani
   It’s worth mentioning that the students had invited other classes and teachers to attend the “Election Speech” in order to cheer the candidates up. 

Even our Science and Math teacher Mrs. Rawaa Shehab joined us with G6 and also voted

   Hopefully, the election was over with no complications and inconvenient incidents and G5 students chose Mr. Omar el Bash/Mr. Mohammad Itani and Mrs. Rasha Sukkar as their presidents of their class.

All the best to our little presidents and also voters!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Crazy Nose Day!


   On Saturday, November 1, 2014 KSPS G5 students came to school with their "crazy noses" and together we discovered the function of these “different kinds of noses”.


   It was an interesting day, some students had bought noses of witches, clowns, cats, and dogs from stores, and others had actually prepared it by their hands with the help of their parents. It’s interesting to mention the elephant’s trunk, Pinocchio’s long nose, and the nose of a polar bear …

  As the teacher of my dear students I’d like to share some of their impressions on this activity:
-Having a nose other than ours is fun and exciting!
-After this activity, I am glad I am a human being and that I can breathe.

-Now I know the value of my nose and other animals’ noses.
-After seeing and trying on Pinocchio’s nose, I am never going to lie ever again.

   Let’s cherish the things we have and know their value as long as we have them!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

نحت الوجوه

بعد التعرف على المشاعر وانواعها،  قام اطفال الروضة الثانية بنشاط نحت الوجوه من عجينة الملح وتزيين الوجه بالطريقه التي يحبونها

المعلمة رنده زرقوط

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Five Senses

Grade one students learned all about their five senses, they used them to explore APPLES!!!  We made a nice poster to describe what apples look,feel,taste,sound and smell like. Finally, It was cute to hear the kids singing and dancing the senses song while pointing to their  body parts  that correspond to each sense.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Autumn in our eyes!

The weather is slowly changing and the leaves are starting to fall. It's Autumn time! KSPS students are doing plenty of activities and they like to share some with their friends at Ling Moor Academy, UK. "Autumn in our eyes" is a collaborative joint activity with our partner school in UK, Ling Moor Academy. Students at both schools will explore how autumn looks like in Lebanon and UK. For this reason, KSPS students drew, designed postcards, and captured videos to best show how autumn looks like in Lebanon and how do we spend it. In return, we will receive postcards from our friends in UK to see how they are spending this season there.


Friday, October 03, 2014

Adha Day

Adha Day is coming near
celebrate it with me dear
Othman Thinnourein students celebrated Adha Day in a special way. Happy Adha to all moslems from our kids.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Adha Feast Menu

Year after year we wait Adha feast to celebrate this holy feast with our friends and relatives. And usually on this special day we gather and enjoy the tasty and delicious food with our loved ones. Today during the science session, we prepared the “Adha Feast Menu” that we will be enjoying during this feast. We promised ourselves to eat variety of healthy food paying attention to sweets and junk food.
                                          Bon Appetite!