Wednesday, December 24, 2008

رأس السنة الهجرية

من أسرة خليل شهاب وأطفال عثمان ذي النورين نقول لكم كل عام هجري وأنتم بألف خير

It’s Me, Myself, and I!

My name is Mohammad Itani, I’m in KG1 class. I want to share with you a very creative activity that we did in class yesterday. I laid down on a white card board and my friend Iman traced my outline. Then I drew my eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair… After that my teacher and I cut the outline and made another one. We stapled the two outlines together and stuffed them with newspapers. I dressed my life size cutout with my uniform. I really enjoyed seeing my cutout in my own clothes. Mohammad

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Each month we celebrate the birthdays of our classmates. We invite our parents to share with us these happy moments. We help each other in decorating the Birth Day hall. We bring juice, sweets, cake, and balloons. We learn the importance of cooperation and organization and feel satisfied after achieving our group work. Most important of all we enjoy being one big family.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

طرائق حديثة في تعليم التربية الدينية تحمل مدرستنا الطابع الاسلامي كونها واحدة من مدارس جمعية المقاصد الخيرية الاسلامية ونحن نعتبر أن العلوم الدينية تحتل مساحة مهمة من المعارف التي تحتاجها استقامة الحياة الاسلامية أهدافنا من التربية الاسلامية هي أن تجعل المتعلم قادراً على أن:
ينمي قدرته على تلاوة القرآن الكريم تلاوة صحيحة.
يُلم بأحكام التجويد واتقانها.
يرغب في حفظ ما تيسر له من سور القرآن الكريم لما يعطيه ذلك من خير كثير. يؤمن بالله تعالى و يتخلق بالأخلاق الإسلامية.
يُنمي روح الكفاح والمثابرة. يتمسك بالحق ويُقاوم الشر. يكون قادراً على الفهم والتحليل. أسلوب تدريس المادة: أن التدريس هو فنّ أيصال المعلومة للمتعلم والنجاح فيه وإن كان يقوم على امتلاك قدر معين من المعلومات الا ان الجانب المهاري فيه ذو أهمية بالغة. وحتى نتمكن من تحقيق الأهداف وإيصال المعلومات والحصول على نتائج مرضية قمنا بتطوير طرق تدريس المادة فأدخلنا عليها التكنولوجيا الحديثة وذلك باستخدام الحاسوب والقصص السمعية البصرية وجعلناها وسيلة من وسائل الايضاح وخاصة في مرحلة الحلقة الاولى حيث معرفة المتعلم في هذه المرحلة معرفة حسية. أما في مرحلة الحلقة الثانية فنحن نعمل على اكساب المتعلم مهارة الملاحظة والاستنتاج والتحليل ومساعدته على تحديد هدفه وإثارة الفضول لديه واعانته على الوضوح الفكري ليتمكن من معرفة واجباته الشرعية والأحكام الدينية والالتزام بما أمرنا الله تعالى به وننتهي عما نهانا عنه. كما أن هذه العلوم تساعد المتعلم على تحديد المحرمات واجتنابها والإقدام على فعل الخيرات والحسنات لينال رضى الله تعالى فإن شعارنا الاسلام العظيم ونهجنا القرآن الكريم ونحن سائرون على خطى الرسول الكريم صلى الله عليه وسلم.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Adha mubarak with a smile from our nursery students


Our mission as educators is not limited to developing a child's academic skills only, but it also in-cludes working on his/ her emotional, physical, and social aspects. One of our main concerns is to succeed in shaping responsible individuals who have a sense of compassion with others in their community. For that reason, we launched a mini- project aimed at raising donations in order to buy new clothes for under- privileged children. Any small donation was welcome, or even ap-propriate clothes that were not needed anymore. The response that we got was overwhelming. All the donations, whether money or clothes, were gathered. The clothes were divided according to age level. The money was used to buy new clothes items. We were able to buy 14 new clothes items. All the clothes were put in colorful plastic bags with labels written on them" A Gift from Khalil Shehab School; Happy Adha." Saturday morning was the time to distribute these clothes. Some of our students accompa-nied by two teachers visited these children, spent some time with them, and gave them new clothes to celebrate Adha Feast. Thank you for all your donations, and for helping us in putting a smile on the face of 18 orphans. You really made a difference in the lives of these children.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Adha feast!

No shadows to depress you , Only joys to surround , Many friends to love you, God himself to bless you, These are my wishes for you in.................... ADHA FEAST!! From Miss Abir Alkoush

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Conflict Resolution Project As a follow up to our extensive workshops that were done at our school last year in which our teachers were introduced to a variety of techniques aimed at creating a healthy classroom environment and good management skills, we will be carrying out the practical part of this project this year. Every month, we will focus on a special issue through different activities. The first issue is self- esteem, which will be the theme of January. Other subjects will include positive thinking, self- confidence, respect, trustworthiness...etc... The objectives that we aspire to meet are: - develop students' behavioral, communicative, and social skills - encourage negotiation as a way to resolve conflicts peacefully - teach students to accept those who are different around them and help them fit in - promote self -confidence, positive thinking , cooperation, and sharing.
Professional Development One of our teachers' aims at Khalil Shehab School is professional development. That's why we are always willing to take part in any workshop, session, or seminar that would help us fulfill that aim and take our teaching to a higher level. We are constantly attending workshops focusing on what is regarded as a new theory, approach or technique that we could use effectively in our classrooms. Our teachers have attended a number of workshops from the beginning of the school year till now. Recent workshops that were attended in November: Mrs. Rawya Shatila, Miss Sabah Wazzan, and Miss Samar Al Masri attended a workshop at Haigazian University on November 8th titled: Computers: Interactive Search Engine Tools for Teaching. Teachers use documents, scholars, books, notebooks, blogs, page creators, groups, calendars, maps, news, advanced searches, dictionaries, and translators to gain educational benefits. This workshop all the above was demonstrated and practiced through the use of the internet. Miss Huda Shaaban also attended a workshop at Haigazian University titled: الطريقة الإستقرائيّة في تعليم اللغة العربيّة Upcoming Important Seminar: On December 5th, Miss Huda Shaaban, Miss Joncet Jarkass, Mrs. Zainab Makki, Mrs. Randa Enzawi, and Miss Rola Morad are going to attend an important seminar organized by Early Childhood Care and Development Program at Crown Plaza Hotel. They will be introduced to the latest ECD international trends and updates, and also to ARC ECCD Program updates. Then they will attend a workshop on Teaching Arabic Language to Children with Learning Disabilities where an effective and updated program that teaches Arabic phonics (reading and spelling) to learning disabled and dyslexic students using multisensory phonics approach will be presented.

Dooby ; Dooby

Othman Thinnourain students watched Dooby, Dooby play at Jal El Dib, Odeon Theater. Our children were amazed by the attractive colors of the costumes and the vitality of the actors. They learned many things from this play; they learned about help, respect and honesty. They were also introduced to environmental issues and ways of solving them. They listened to different songs and had lots of fun.

Independence Day

Our students celebrated Independence Day . They did different activities related to this event. They colored flags, made crown flags and sang patriotic songs… Most important of all they expressed their love to our beloved country Lebanon ,each in his own way …Happy Independence Day.

مسرحية دوبي دوبي دوب

إستقبل مسرح الأوديون في جل الديب تلامذة الحلقة الأولى في مدرسة خليل شهاب وأطفال الروضة في مدرسة عثمان ذي النورين حيث شاهدوا عرض مسرحية "دوبي دوبي دوب" وكانت فرحتهم كبيرة أثناء العرض فصفقوا وتطايرت قلوبهم فرحاً