Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Multiple Intelligence in Grade 4

Each student learns the subject matter in a variety of different ways, thus several activities were done to engage grade 4 students in a lesson about 'The Water Cycle ’’ to multiply the chances of successfully understanding and retaining the information.
 Students were classified into 5 categories: Linguistic, Spatial, Musical, Logical-Mathematical, and Kinesthetic. Every group did a different activity:
- Linguistic students enjoyed transforming the lesson to a story.        
-Spatial students enjoyed drawing posters of the water cycle.            
-Musical students enjoyed listening to songs about the water cycle. -Logical- Mathematical students calculated the duration of the water cycle.
-Kinesthetic students enjoyed making simple experiments to check the stages of the water cycle.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yummy Yellow Day

Nursery Class are learning " All About Foods" and yellow color. Accordingly, they had a yummy yellow day full of yummy yellow foods and executed different activities related to yellow color. It was a yummyyyyyyyyyyyy day.

Grade 6 first Online Home Assignment

Grade 6 Students were thrilled to know that they will do their first online home Math assignment. I used a web 2.0 tool “Zoomerang and Survey Monkey” to create the online assignment. The benefit of such online assignments is that I can quickly analyze in what areas students are successful and in what areas they have demonstrated learning gaps by using the online graphing analysis. Performing such assignments will help me save around 15 minutes per class. Therefore, I will have more time in class to help students improve and to work on higher level skills. Both my students and I can see the students’ progress over time as they see the online scores. Dear Parents, To compete what your child and help him solve his home assignment
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

ولد الهدى

جريا على عادتها كل عام وتحت عنوان "محمد حبك يجمعنا"وبمناسبة مولد نبينا الاكرام أقامت ابتدائية خليل شهاب احتفالا مميزا
بحضور اهالي التلامذة والاستاذ امين الداعوق رئيس الجمعية وقد قدم كورال المدرسة مدائح واناشيد افرحت القلوب بذكر الرسول الاكرم.

We are Young Scientists!

Science allows students to explore their world and discover new things. It is also an active subject, containing hands-on activities and experiments. Learning by doing allows children to become personally invested in their own learning process. Once a new concept has been taught, the time came for students to demonstrate it through hands-on activities and experiment. Here are some science activities that were done with my young clovers: Grade 3 students acted as scientists where they discovered all tools used in the science lab. They also learned strategies they must follow in the lab to keep themselves safe. Grade 4 students modeled the food chain using clay and wool. They also detected the suitable conditions to save food from decay. Moreover, grade 5 students planted different types of seeds. They took care of them on daily basis in order to sprout. They also used Bromothymol blue to check the suitable conditions for plants to make photosynthesis. Furthermore, grade 6 students modeled atoms, molecules, and compounds using playing dough.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Using The Mouse Mischief

Grade 2 students were interested to use the Mouse Mischief for the first time in their science class ,after they finished the animals groups lesson they actively responded to the multiple choice questions by using their own mouse to click the correct answers on the screen.

Multiplication Online Test

Grade three students explored multiplication this week , they began by modeling the multiplication problems using counters to form equal groups then they used the square tiles to form an array. Finally , they got the chance to do an online assessment by completing an online quiz where they answered the multiplication problems individually after that they checked their own scores.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Introducing our Prophet’s Life Mathematically

Grade 6 students were surprised when they knew that they’ll learn about our prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) life in Math sessions.
The aim of this activity was to use all Math lessons learned so far (exponents, algebraic expressions, divisibility,decimal operations, and prime factorization) to trace all the events that happened in our prophet’s life in a mathematical way. Students concluded that Math isn't just a subject that we learn at school, it also enters in most of our daily life's aspects.
Students were excited to know about Prophet Mohammad’s life in another perspective.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

أنا وجسمي

بعد أن تعرف أطفال صف الأمومة على جسم الإنسان والحواس من خلال أنشطة مختلفة، انقسم صف الحضانه إلى قسمين، الصبيان الذين زينوا جسم رفيقهم عمر والبنات اللواتي زيّن جسم صديقتهن ليا. كما قاموا بأنشطة عدة حول اللون الأصفر

ISA Exhibition

On Wednesday January 8th, Mrs. Zeina Shehab and I presented KSPS in ISA exhibition organized by the British Council and took place in Ministry of Education(Unesco). The exhibition included 20 ISA schools who have achieved the ISA accreditation in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. We introduced to the new participating ISA schools the 12 international activities that we did to achieve ISA. We also showed them the ISA portfolio and evidence of activities such as pictures, brochures, school magazine, story booklets, power point presentation…

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Math and Science Stars

At the end of the first semester we are elated to announce KSPS Math and Science stars. These stars are the first two top achievers that took an excellent grade in both Math and Science. They proved to be so intelligent and determined to achieve their goal as being young scientists and mathematicians.
Grade2: Rana Abo Al Fotoh, Tia Orfali
Grade3: Abed Alrahim Alhani, Moataz Maarouf
Grade 4: Mohammad Itani, Ahmad Imad
Grade 5: Samar Lawand, Hiba Rammal
Grade 6: Salma Ahmad, Ruba Ani