Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teaching Through Art

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

I’ve always fascinated with art, everything that is related to art; paintings, literature, sculptures, songs, plays, symphonies, dance … And I’ve always tried to reflect that on the people around me.
Through art we can discover ourselves, as well as analyze and get to know more about other people.
Keeping all these in mind, I wanted to test my students and allow them to take their first footsteps in art and analyzing art. I wanted my students to express their inner thoughts, emotions and opinion all at the same time. And at our paragraph writing session I showed them Aivazovsky’s “The Ninth Wave” and I asked them to look at the painting and write whatever they see or feel.

And this is what they came out with:
Ruba Ani: “Look at the hidden sun standing behind the clouds, and saying: “Good bye, see you after the moon.” While the waves wave the water as hands reply to the ‘good bye’ of the sun.” “When I look at this sad and melancholic painting I feel I am inside it. I wish I was so rich, I could have bought it.”

Hanan Aref: “I felt comfortable when I saw this painting, it's like a very beautiful dream. Do you know that dreams can be real? Once I dreamt about a sea colored in pink and orange and I was in the sky with my smart ship that used to answer all my questions, and solve all my problems… This painting is a dream like my dream. I wish every dream comes true.”

Hiba Soubra: “ The sunset reflects beautiful light in the painting, it isn’t only beautiful but it’s amazing .The people on the raft are joyful. When I looked at this painting I felt joy. The orange color of the sun is the perfect color in the painting. It gave color to the clouds and waves. I think the painter is proud of himself in this painting.”

Reina Agha: “When I first saw this painting I thought it was a photograph, but when my teacher told me that it was a painting I got shocked and I immediately realized that the painter who drew this painting was a famous artist and that the painting now costs a fortune.”

Salma Ahmed: “The scene of the sunset is the most exciting scene in the whole painting. As if the sun is fare welling us and is sending fire to the waves.”

And as I’ve told my students ‘art is all about what you see and feel’, even though the painting depicts a sea after a stormy night, where people are facing death and attempting to save themselves by clinging to debris from a wrecked ship. Even though the painter has used warm tones of color in which the sea appears to be not so menacing and giving a chance for the people to survive, but still some of my students saw peace and victory in it.

P.S: This famous painting is displayed in a museum in Russia. And it is called as “The most beautiful painting”.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

محمّد نور القلوب

يا شمس يا منوّرة غيبي
كفاية نور طه حبيبي
كل عام وأنتم بخير من أطفال عثمان ذي النورين

Monday, January 21, 2013


We, the second graders love to take care of our environment. As such, we wanted to relate the environment to gardens. Taking care of our gardens can help the environment. For example, we can lessen the amount of fertilizers and pay attention to water and waste soil . So, we decided to present some ways of taking care of our gardens.


We love to use magic while studying. We have fun getting words out of containers and placing them under the right category. Not to mention, using the magic hat to make sure our answers are right. That's how we studied nouns. Studying is fun!

Friday, January 18, 2013

LAU Workshop at Othman Thinnourain School

A workshop was held at Othman Thinnourain School on Thursday 17/1/2013. LAU preschool eduacation team discussed the strategies of teaching songs to preschoolers and the importance of learning through play.They shared ideas and experiences with Othman teachers. Looking forward for more beneficial visits from LAU :).

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to make Science interesting?

On Tuesday, 15 January, our KSPS students were lucky enough to go and watch Wakazoo Group's "Scientifique Fantastique" play.
With Nancy (the main character in the play), they were able to understand science and scientific terms in an interesting way. They were also able to witness experiments live on stage.

This is how we can teach our children through art!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crazy crazes

One of our goals as a school is to make global citizens, as such, grade 3 students had the opprtunity to have a global view of what's happening elsewhere in the world. They had the chance to learn about other cultures and communities through the collabrotive project " Crazy crazes". In this project, students watched and read experiences of 18 other schools all over the world. Each school , including us, mentioned the latest crazes in their school, what is popular and fashionable. As such, grade 3 made a table mentioning their latest crazes, they also took pictures and made videos. To view out wiki page, you can click on this website for more information:

This is the table that the students came out with after making presentations mentioning their favorite crazes at school:

Games we are playing at school:
-          Football
-           Basketball
-          Monopoly
-          Hide and seek
-          Uno
-          Tag
-          DVDs
-          Coins from different countries
-           Smurfs and Dora cards
-          Ps3 cds
-           Small cars
-          Football cards
-          Balls
-          Stickers
Popular particular past time:
-          Hula hoop
-           Board games
-          Dancing like gang men style
-          Smurfs cartoon
-          Playstation3
-          Wii
Favorite TV programs :
-          Animal planet
-          National geography
-           Sponge bob
-          Ben 10
-          The voice
-           Baby’s day out
-          Tom and jerry
-          Wizards of Waverley place
-          Good luck Charlie
-          Jessie
Popular books:
-          Fun at the farm
-           Walter and the tugboat
-           Dinasours
-          The teny weeny tadpole
-           Bridges
-          Hansel and grittel
Particular style of clothing and brands:
-          Puma
-           Nike
-          Different kind of braids
-          Spiky hair
-          Jeans and sweater
-          Beret hats
-          Cute ear muffs and scarves
-          Leather jackets
-          Colored jeans
-          Hoodies
Favorite movies:
-          The princess and the frog
-          The little mermaid
-          Snow white
-          Cinderella
-          Spider man
-          The chipmunks
-          Spy kids
Favorite characters:
-          Ben 10
-          Ariel
-          Teddy in Good luck Charlie
-          Alex from Wizards of Waverley Place
-          Sponge bob
Favorite songs:
-          The wheels of the bus
-          Three little monkeys
-          We are the world
-          Tell me why

You can view the videos on our wiki page.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Hilltop School ( India) My Family Project

Received with many thanks a " Family Project" from Hilltop School - India. Mother's Day, Family concert, Brother's Day, Father's Day and even more ... are the activities executed at Hilltop School in India. Our children are looking forward to receive more pictures and activities. Thank you Mrs. Tanuja for the wonderful pictures and activities.