Thursday, April 30, 2015

Global Food Show and Tell (iEARN Project)

KSPS third graders are participating in "Global Food Show and Tell" IEarn project . As a result an event was held in KSPS hall  showing all  students different international recipes they learned from our partner schools .  Moreover they prepared  "Recipes Around The World" book where they collected different recipes from USA ,Mexico ,Pakistan and Romania. At the end , the students enjoyed USA favorite breakfast cornflakes with orange juice.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A salute to our young scientists

During “WOW” fair our young scientists conducted different experiments that displayed the uniqueness of water.

Hats off young scientists, you have showed a great amount of maturity, effort, and understanding towards “Wonders of Water”.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Wonders of Water" Science Fair

On Wednesday April 22, KSPS organized its first annual science fair entitled "Wonders of Water"; WOW.
 KSPS little scientists from grades 1 till 6 did amazing and unique experiments related to water in front of their parents, teachers, mates, and our guests from the US embassy; Mr. Banches and Ms. Edith Bitar.
 All of our guests were impressed by the work of our little scientists, they showed deep understanding of different scientific concepts related to water and high self confidence.
Stay tuned to tell you more details about our scientists' experiments. 
Our guests became scientists too!
Thank you Ms. Gassia for your help

We gave our guests the water cycle bracelet that represents the stages of the water cycle

Mr. Splash was there too!
        We put our pledges to save and protect our water resources
                   Thank you Mrs. Iman for this creative piece of art
Thank you parents for your support

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A field trip to Damour river

KSPS students are participating in an international collaborative activity with different schools around the world. The aim of this activity is to study the impact of human behaviour on river health in several countries. Students need to participate in river excursions with "hands-on" water analysis. For this reason, our students visited “Damour River” located in Mount-Lebanon and took a sample of water from it. They also did several tests on the river’s water; measured the water’s temperature and its PH. KSPS students will share their findings with our partner schools participating in this activity. Simultaneously, our partner schools will send us their findings too.

Our friends in Bengladesh shared their findings

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

It’s Zero Discrimination Day at KSPS

Zero Discrimination Day is an annual worldwide event to celebrate diversity and reject discrimination.
 Since KSPS is a learning community that rejects discrimination, its young clovers decided to celebrate “zero discrimination day” in a funny and unique way.
They said no for discrimination and yes for equity. Yes we are all equal; we all have the same rights and responsibilities regardless our nationality.
Students of different nationalities at KSPS wore their mother country traditional costumes , presented power point presentations about their countries, and prepared delicious traditional food from their mother country.

                     Shaed, Karen, Isam and Moataz are Palestinians  
                          Nesray and Maya came from Philippines   
                                            Karen is from Egypt

                                             Lilas was born in China

                      The butterfly is the symbol of Zero Discrimination Day
We shared our school’s photos on zero discrimination day Facebook page

             We had the chance to taste different international food
Our parents celebrated the zero discrimination day with us too

Saturday, April 04, 2015

KSPS 2nd term Top Achievers

At the end of the second semester we are elated to announce KSPS honor list students. These students are the top achievers that took an excellent grade in their report card.
Grade 2: Safiya Sherif -Sarah toutenji
Grade 3: Khalid Ghawi- Rein Halabi- Tia Orfali
Grade 4: Moataz Maarouf- Ali Ahmad- Jana keshawy
Grade 5: Mohamad Itani- Rasha Sukkar- Ghina Rashwani- Ahmad Imad
Grade 6: Hiba Ramal- Samar Lawand

Thumbs up young clovers