Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No More Junk Food!!!

Miss Maya called on teachers and parents to help children fight back against the onslaught of junk-food marketing.Grade four students organized a healthy food campaign.. They borrowed the small shop of Mr Fawzi for a day to sell healthy food ONLY. They sold fresh orange juice,lemonade, and milk. Labneh and cheese sandwiches , corn flakes ,tomato , cucumber, and strawberry were also on the menu.They are sending us a message: live longer,learn how to eat better......Accurate advice and practical ideas and delicious, affordable recipes make eating well easy and enjoyable. Their next project is the Healthy Food Guide.

حل النزاع

ست خطوات في حلّ النزاعات

نضع نفسنا بين الأطفال وننزل إلى مستواهم
يجب أن يكون صوتنا هادئاً ولمستنا لطيفة

" تبدو مستاءً فعلاً"
ذا لزم الأمر ، نضع حداً بشكل إيجابي
" من الضروري أن يتوقف التدافع"، ونمسك الغرض المتنازع عليه

نسأل : " ما المشكلة " ؟
أو نصف المشكلة كما نراها ، ونطلب جواباً : "نعم" أم "لا

نستنتج : " إذن ، المشكلة هي... ؟ "

" كيف يمكن أن نحل هذه المشكلة؟ "
نشجع الأطفال على التفكير في حلول

" لقد وجدتَ الحلّ بنفسك "
نكون جاهزين لتقديم الدعم والمتابعة

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yogurt or Laban???

Our traditional milk products are Laban and Labneh...KG students learned that yogurt is also yummy.It's healthy for our bones and teeth.So they invited their moms to learn how to make fruit yogurt .It was a yummy activity...

Nigerian Embassy Visit

It was a day to remember.The Nigerian ambassador,Mr Abdelhamid Obilierro, hosted us at the embassy in Jnah.Dressed like Nigerians,we learned about the Nigerian culture,watched a slideshow about Ibadin International School, and tasted Nigerian food such as akarkotshe,miommiom,andyam ....and the desert was puffpuff.Our parents were delighted and requested participation in all school activities.
KG students

Thursday, April 24, 2008

We want to learn about everything in life: plants, animals..... Students of grades 2 and 3 in the zoo. We had alot of useful fun......

Abu Khatwa Play

In Khalil shehab School education has no limits....
It is were education is recahed by fun and leisure.....
We weren't able to go to Egypt, so we brought it to our school
They were students of grade 4 and it was one of the projects in the international link between our school and another school isn Scotland.....
Wait for more wonderful things.....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Animal City

Our KG students visited " Animal City" at Nahr El Kalb . They were introduced to different animals and had lots of fun feeding them.Back to school, they did several activities identifying animal sounds,youngsters and habitat