Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Create Different Types of Clouds

Grade 2 students are learning about the 4 different types of clouds: cirrus, cumulus, cumulonimbus, & stratus. To help the students learn what the clouds look like, we used the cotton balls to represent each type of cloud.

CUMULUS clouds: These clouds look like big fluffy cotton balls.
CIRRUS clouds: Pull the cotton balls apart into long, wispy parts.
CUMULONIMBUS clouds: These clouds are also fluffy, but because they are storm clouds, they colored them black with markers.
STRATUS clouds: Students should stretch out the cotton balls, but not completely apart, and then color them gray.

At the end, the students labeled each cloud with its name!
This is a really fun, educational activity that helps the students learn what the clouds look like in the sky.

Deep Zoom

Grade 2 students got the chance to explore the pictures of their body parts in fine detail using the Deep Zoom feature of Microsoft Silverlight. It helped them to use the PC like a powerful magnifying glass, zooming into high resolution images to explore them in minute detail. It is a fun and engaging way to present a lesson and involve students in class presentations and activities.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Celebrating "World Health Day" at KSPS

The World Health Day is celebrated each year on 7th April globally. KSPS young students launched a campaign to celebrate this important event. The aim of this campaign was to raise awareness among KSPS clovers of different threats to their health. Different activities were performed in all KSPS classes. Musical students created a song entitled “You don’t have to eat gummy”. Visual students created a Power Point presentation entitled “Healthy Kids”. They presented it in front of all KSPS students. Kinesthetic students drew “Book Marks” that contains healthy tips and distributed them to all the school’s students and staff. Finally, all students had the chance to eat delicious healthy snack of fruits (strawberries, pears, apples, and bananas).

                    Lyrics by: Riwa Bleik and Nivine Omran
                    Video Directed by: Ahmad Melhem

Saturday, April 12, 2014

الملصق الاعلاني

تلامذة الصف الرابع صمموا ملصقاتهم الاعلانية التي عبرت عن تمحبتهم  لمدرستهم وميّزها حسب آرائهم .

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

حنّية جدّة

جدّتي إذا ضاقت بي الدّروب والكلّ تنحى عني لن أجد سوى دفئك ونبض إيمانك لا يفارق ذكر الله لسانك ولا يفرق الحب حنانك جدّتي كل ما سوف أقوله لن يعبّر عن حبي لك ولن تصل كلمات الشكر لحقّك كل ما أستطيع قوله اللهم يا مجيب الدعاء ويا خالق السماء والنجوم اجعل جدتي بعافية وصحّة تدوم تكريماَ لحنان الجدّة ، دعى أطفال الحضانة في مدرسة عثمان ذي النورين جداتهم لقضاء وقت ممتع معهم.غنّت الجدات بصوت عذب للأطفال كما سردن القصص الجميلة لهم. حضّرت بعض الجدات الحلويات القديمة التي كانت تعدها للعائلة . اختتمت الزيارة بتوزيع الهدايا على الجدات لتبقي ذكرى جميلة من حفيد عزيز على قلوبهن

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Fun with Planting

A message from K2 students:
" Let's be positive : plant every day, try again, never give up, plants will grow and if not today , sure will tomorrow :)

KSPS First Learning Activity on PIL Network

I’m elate to announce that I uploaded KSPS first learning activity on Partners in Learning network in the GOLD LEVEL!!!.
Please don’t hesitate to check the activity and see the creativity of KSPS clovers!

Monday, April 07, 2014

PH Meter Experiment

Riwa,a grade 6 student, used the PH Meter to detect if some substances are acids or bases. Enjoy watching and learning about the PH Meter,acids,bases and their strength!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Do You See What I See?

Community, Connectedness, Creativity ...!

    Grade 6 Clovers lately got the chance to work with Eltham Primary School in Australia. Trough poetry, Visual Art, and other texts, tools, and resources, students investigated the meaning of community and what connects them to their community. They explored their relationship to their surrounding and environment.
They took 10 photos in 10 days of images that represented this relationship and their own values.

My students and I came up with the idea of decorating our bulletin board in class with the following "10 day photos" ;)

Afterwards they sent these photos to the partner school in Australia through Wikispace and iEarn.
   At the end of this project my students learned that sharing and communicating with students from other cultures enriches their knowledge of other countries' traditions, norms, and values.

"A picture is worth a thousand words!"

At the end of this project KSPS students shared and sent their photos to their partner school and they in return saw the partner school's photos and projects.

“A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Towards the Big Dance

For the fifth year, KSPS young clovers are participating in the Big dance, organized by the British Council. For this reason, 40 KSPS students, 8 to 11 years, participated in the big dance training that was held on Tuesday April 1st in ABAT, Bshara Al Khoury campus. Elaine Macey & Dean Soden – Artistic Directors of 4Motion Dance Theatre Company in the UK trained around 100 students from KSPS and ABAT on the Big Dance. The fifth edition of the Big Dance Pledge is part of Culture 2014, a programme of events and projects inspired by the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. It is created by Scottish Ballet with the Special Educational Needs (SEN) focus. The British Ambassador to Lebanon Mr. Tom Fletcher has confirmed his attendance on the Big Dance event this year The Big Dance performance will take place on Saturday 10 May 2014 at 0930am in Nejmeh/Parliament Square, Beirut Down Town The whole dance is available on the following link: http://vimeopro.com/communitydance/bigdance2014/video/84039895

Book Yourself from now ;)

Part of the training