Saturday, May 31, 2014

Eco-Challenge and Art Waste Contest Champions!

On the 31st of May, early morning at 6:30 am 7 students from KSPS Grade 6 headed towards the Lebanese Beautiful village Ehden with the company of Mrs. Iman Itani and Ms. Gassia Topoushian.

At 9:30 am our bus arrived to Kroum Ehden Boutique Resort. 17  schools  from different parts of Lebanon were also there to participate "Zero Waste Act's" organized Eco-Challenge and ART Waste Contest. After playing, enjoying, and having fun, the students were able to exhibit their artifacts and handmade structures.
I would like to remind  that the students were able to prepare all the artifacts by the help of our dear talented teacher Mrs. Iman Itani.

 Afterwards the juries came, watched, took notes and announced the winner of the contest; which were Makassed Khalil Shehab Primary School's students' structures and artifacts. Of course the juries also gave other prizes to other participant schools.
   Today KSPS 6th graders spent there whole day in Ehden having fun, enjoying one another, and working as one team on a goal; creating a better Lebanon for the future generation.

 P.S: KSPS students also had the chance to be interviewed by many TV channels and newspapers (Al Hurra, L'orient Le Jour ...)


I would like to share our students feedback with the following quotes:
"We had a very nice day in Ehden, a very refreshing and beautiful village."
"It was a fun exciting day."
"I wish we could come to Ehden everyday and enjoy Zero Waste Act's amazing activities."
"I liked this project because we are helping our nature and making our lives healthier and better."