Principal's Message

Makassed Khalil Shehab School is a learning organization where a safe, welcoming, and caring culture is cultivated with an emphasis on the achievement of each and every student.

As a principal, I'm in continuous search for the causes that further the school's achievements allowing it to maintain its success and to continue to flourish. This played a major role in setting the high standards for quality education provided by the school.

Hence, it is a pleasure to share with you our new vision which is "Makassed Khalil Shehab Primary School strives to develop young students’ minds and characters into caring and healthy individuals able to discover and think for themselves to become high achievers, creative and responsible citizens of the world capable of facing future challenges fully endowed with culture of ethics and nationalism."

At KSPS we believe in educating our youth for a lifetime. In addition to acquiring the universal academic skills, the school embraces a mix of the different teaching methodologies where the curriculum and activities emphasize a well-rounded, interdisciplinary, discovery, problem solving and project-based approaches that reflect our in-depth understanding of the child's needs and personality. We accomplish all of these with our well-trained staff who attend continuous professional development programs. Together with our academic programs yet warm school environment; students have the opportunity to get ready for intermediate classes.

A look at today's childhood makes us see how they live in a fast - paced changing world where social and technology demands shove them to grow up too fast. I believe that our role as educators is to redefine such demands so that the essence of childhood is kept intact. Through our available resources and programs that address the intellect, character, skills and emotions, children learn to identify and control such effects and build a perspective on the substantial things in life. The school faculty works hard as a team nurturing the students' skills and capabilities. Our focus not only lies in developing Islamic, technological, linguistic and scientific abilities, but creative and physical skills as well. Strengths and talents in other areas like drama, sports, arts and music are encouraged as children enjoy. The school is committed to and conducts special programs like Character building, environmental and international perspective's Appreciation, global citizenship, community services and volunteerism Training with emphasis on the culture of ethics and nationalism. It is here where the values of integrity, responsibility, caring, tolerance, respect and politeness are witnessed where students are exposed to experiences that develop their style and self-confidence.

It is a privilege to announce that the school will establish a new playground and restructure a purpose-built campus to improve its facilities withthe support and help of Makassed president and Shehab Family.


The standing evidence is that the impossible does not exist in the minds of individuals whose limit is the sky..…Go ahead and together we can make a difference…



Rana Sabbidine Osta