Monday, April 25, 2011

Launching the E-waste Campaign at Makassed Schools

As you might know, students and staff at Makassed KSPS are working with “Beeatoona”, a non-governmental organization, which aims to promote good environmental practice for sustainable development. “Beeatoona” launched a campaign to collect batteries and electronic wastes to recycle them.
For this reason, two grade 6 students, Nour and Ali, visited all Makassed schools in Beirut and asked their principals to plug into the e-waste campaign. We promised the principals to pass by their schools during the last week of May 2011, to collect batteries, CD’s, and other kinds of e-waste found at their schools. All e-waste will be sent to “Beeatoona” where they will be processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

At Aicha Om El- Mou’minin School

At Omar Bin Al Khataab School

At Ali Bin Abi Taleb Primary School
At Abed Al Hadi Debs Institute

Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Hour with a Nutritionist

After studying about the Food Pyramid and its components, grade 5 students were elated to welcome Miss Maysa Richani, a nutritionist, in their classroom.
Ms. Maysa encouraged students to eat a variety of healthy foods that enable them to feel better and to enjoy a better quality of life. She insisted that eating a balanced diet can prevent serious health problems as children grow into adulthood.
Then we all watched a Power Point that showed that a nutritious, balanced diet for children should include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, beans, nuts and low-fat dairy products. Children should eat some food from each food group everyday. It is also important to limit the amount of saturated fats and sugar that children consume.
All students felt happy asking and listening to Ms. Maysa’s tips, and they promised her to eat healthy food and avoid junk food as possible as they can!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ريال بتلعب ...بتهز الملعب

ضمن سلسلة النشاطات اللاصفية في مدرستنا أقيمت اليوم مباراة حماسيّة في كرة القدم للصّف الخامس بين فريقي ريال مدريد × برشلونة. وقد فاز فريق ريال بامتياز 3-1

ريال بتلعب.... بتهزّ الملعب

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Math with My Sister

The last Math session was not the same as everyday for grade5 students. Special visitors were present in our class. Three students’ sisters were invited to attend the math class with their siblings. Students were divided into groups and every sister joined one. The session started with a PowerPoint presentation that defined fractions and how can we use fractions in our daily lives. Then, collaborative work started. Students' and their sisters’ job was to compare unlike fractions using fraction bars. Each group selected a reporter to announce the group's result.

When my sister is present Learning becomes definitely so much fun!

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Featured Classroom of the Month"

Thank you ePals for choosing our classroom to be: "Featured Classroom of the Month".
 It's truly appreciated!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dental Visit Makes Us SMILE!

and "THANK YOU" for being so thoughtful, caring, and kind 

yes, we promise to take care of our baby teeth

Dr. Zahra Kabbani discussed the importance of dental health.

a song we've learned today from Dr. Zahra Kabbani Adra
"Brush, brush your teeth...twice a day...everyday
Floss, floss your teeth...once a day...everyday
that's the way we fight decay"

It was great to have the dentist, Dr. Zahra Kabbani Adra and her assistant visit our classroom today to tell us about the importance of brushing our teeth the right way, eating healthy food, and visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups. 
Dr. Adra first dressed for us so that we can see how she looks like if we visited her at her clinic. She put on her beautiful purple costume and a funny mask. She emphasized the importance of regular teeth brushing and flossing through an interactive discussion, a power point presentation, and three videos. We got a booklet to remind us of how to take care of our teeth, toothpaste, and dental health worksheets. 
For us, a visit to the dentist is a very stressful experience...but now, we can accept the new adventure  because we know what to expect and understand the reason for that. We have lots to tell our family about what we had seen.
Thank you Doctor for sharing about your job and making the visit fun! Very Much Appreciated!

Garden of My Rights

Incorporation with the British council through connecting class rooms’ activities, KSPS students planted their own garden of their own rights. Each student made his own flower, designed it by coloring it, and wrote their own rights on each. Then, they planted each flower in a pot and placed the flower they made in each pot. Therefore, each one of them has his own flower that represents their own right of their choice. Every day they water it and watch it grow, as if they are watching their rights grow and blossom…

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Lunch Box Project: Activity 4

'labne', Lebanese traditional breakfast

In response to our Jordanian and German friends' questions...

We still have a question that we haven't answered yet, it's about our traditional and popular food "manakeesh". We're thinking of visiting the bakery soon and take some photos to show you how it's made.
and here are some questions for you:
- At what times do you usually eat your food? breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
- Do you bring your lunch to school?
- Do you eat fresh fruit everyday?
- Do you like to try new food?
- Do you usually eat dessert after lunch?
- How often do you eat in a restaurant?
- What restaurant in your city do you recommend?
- What is the most popular food in your country?
- What special food do you eat on holidays?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Tooth Tally Project: A Message from The Tooth Fairy

Lost teeth we've lost recently in March.

Tally Page

The Tooth Fairy
We have found some notes on our wiki page from friends from different countries, who are like us, losing their teeth and wondering what The Tooth Fairy is doing with all those lost teeth. Our friends loved seeing all our artwork and the book we've made.
...and there was a big surprise! The Tooth Fairy has left us a note. She's simply pretty with a shining smile. Here is her note:

"What a wonderful page you have made, "Young Clovers"! I really like your stories of what I do with the teeth I collect, very interesting ideas. Thank you for your lovely drawings and I liked meeting Lucky.
Love from The Tooth Fairy"

Thank you Fairy, it's so nice of you!  Lucky liked meeting you, too. We have some questions...just answer them when you have time...we know you're so busy collecting teeth from children around the world.
- What do you do with all the teeth you collect?
- How do you know we lost a tooth?
- How fast can you fly?
- Where do you live?
- Do you have a family?
- What is your favorite food?
- What is your favorite color?
Keep in touch, Tooth Fairy! Looking forward to receive your reply.

Bringing Formative Assessment to the Classroom with Mouse Mischief

Formative assessment is an important educational activity because it gives learners feedback while their learning is still taking place. Also, it provides information to be used as feedback to modify the teaching and learning activities.

Recently, the advent of wireless clickers has provided a new tool for teachers to plan formative assessment strategies in the classroom. Advantages of using innovative techniques such as “Mouse mischief “make assessment more fun for both teachers and learners. This technique increases learners’ attention and concentration and can make both learners and teachers more interested and enthusiastic. Also, it increases competition among students and makes tests more fun!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lunch Box Project: Questions from Jordan and Germany

Jordanian Friends

video by our friends at Umm Attia Primary School for Girls in Jordan

...and another great video from our friends at Leipzig International School in Germany

Our friends in Jordan and Germany have posted 3 videos on our page on wiki. Our Jordanian friends want to know about our "labne" and how we prepare it. Our German friends have some questions about our food. They'd like to know how the Lebanese "mnakeesh" tastes like, how we make it and when we usually eat it. They also asked us these questions about our school:
- Do you have a library at your school?
- What time does your school start and finish?
- How many students are there in your classroom?
- What's your favorite game?
- What language do you speak?
- Do you have TV?
- Is your school old or new?
- Do you have computers?
Thank you for posting on our wiki page and we'll answer your questions as soon as we can.

Never Stop playing!!!!!

Be mature and wise, take decisions and perform but never kill the child inside you.I played today with Ali Asmar a grade four student during the sport's session where I refreshed my old school memories.It was really amazing!!! Sharing students' activities is really exiciting since sharing is caring and caring is love:):):)

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Outside My Classroom Windows: Koalas at Hattonvale S.S., Australia

Eucalyptus Tree in the School Ground...
something is special about this tree
a mom and her  baby koala playing peek-a-boo with our friends :)
How cute you are up there!
Of course you should be asleep. It is day time.
You are nocturnal, aren't you?
We won't disturb you.
Mummy Koala will look after you from all harm.
 What a lovely creature a koala is. This makes me proud to be an Australian. We experience such beautiful wildlife so close to where we live and work. Of course, we have to leave our wildlife safe and not touch them in any way. It is tempting though when they are so cute.
Mrs. Eleison

watching the photos in our classroom

Koalas outside the classroom window!!!! 
Dear Aussie Friends, thank you so much for sending us what you see outside your classroom windows. We couldn't believe our eyes! You're so lucky to live in such a beautiful, peaceful, and healthy place. It's a great school in a quiet location with fantastic neighbors. We greatly enjoyed seeing the photos.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

"Primary Wall"

wondering how our Colorado friends are spending
 their Spring Break

huge collection of educational games

Learn more about "Primary Wall" in this video. It can be useful for hosting collaborative brainstorming sessions, asking questions, and sorting ideas.