Wednesday, December 29, 2010

مباراة ودّية

في إطار التحضيرات لبطولة المقاصد المصّغّرة ،أقيمت اليوم مباراة ودّية بين فريق مدرستنا وفريق النادي الرياضي على ملعب النادي الرياضي (المنارة) بحضور المديرة السّيدة غنى البدوي والأهل والأصدقاء

Friday, December 24, 2010

Community Hot Spots

Hot Spots

Through iEarn website, an International Education and Resource Network, we got the chance to meet Ms. Edna Pythan, the Global Connections Liaison  Highland Park ISD in Dallas, TX, USA, who has an interesting project about "Community Hot Spots". The partnership includes 12 classess from Dallas, TX, USA, four from Madrid, Spain, and our school.

Students took pictures of their favorite spots in their community and created a "Hot Spots" project on Voicethread. Then, they uploaded these pictures on Voicethread and talked about why these places are their "hot spots" and why they are an important part of their community. Then teachers will create a Wiki to host a discussion about their community and share that wiki with partner schools so they too can post Voicethreads, as well as view and comment on student videos.
- Students will identify their favorite places in their own community and investigate why it is an important part of their community.
- Students create a Voicethread that clearly communicates their favorite places in their community and why it is an important part of their community.
- Students will analyze voice threads of other students to find similarities and differences in that particular community and their own.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

with our best wishes

We used "Wallwisher", an online notice board maker, to express our happiness and wish our friends from around the world a very Happy New Year. We have added our photos, greetings video, and the "happy" song to the Wallwisher board. If you'd like to post a sticky, you can just double click on the wall. It's so easy and fun, try it and leave us a message :)

Wish you all a wonderful holiday season!
Love to All of You!

تكريم جمعية المقاصد

قامث شركة كابيتال ايشوز و مديرها الاستاذ معن برازي بتكريم عدد من المؤسسات و من ضمنها جمعية المقاصد لتميزها في حقل التربية و التعليم و التحديث التقني في حفل اقيم يوم الاربعاء المنصرم في اوتيل الريفيرا تخلل الحفل ندوة قدمها الوزير السابق جورج القرم
الف مبروك للمقاصد و الشكر الجزيل لمديرشركة كابيتال ايشوز على هذه اللفتة الكريمة

كلمة بعدا سرّ

مسرحيّة "كلمة بعدا سرّ " التي عرضت في مسرح الأوديون،كان روّادها تلامذة الحلقة الأولى وبراعم عثمان ذي النّورين حيث قضوا وقتآ مسليآ وفرحآ مع تفاصيل المسرحيّة وأبطالها وصفقوا طويلآ لما شاهدوه

"المقاصد" تكرّم إدارة معلمي مدرسة خليل شهاب

"المقاصد" تكرّم إدارة معلمي مدرسة خليل شهاب
المستقبل - الخميس 23 كانون الأول 2010 - العدد 3865 - شؤون لبنانية - صفحة 8

نالت مدرسة خليل شهاب التابعة لجمعية المقاصد الخيرية الإسلامية في بيروت ثلاث جوائز عالمية في الإبداع والتطوير وإدخال تكنولوجيا المعلوماتية والاتصالات في البيئة المدرسية من المركز الثقافي البريطاني وشركة مايكروسوفت وبعض المنظمات غير الحكومية حيث أقامت جمعية المقاصد احتفالاً في المناسبة كرمت فيه مديرة المدرسة غنى بدوي حافظ والهيئة التعليمية لنيلهم الجوائز المدرسية العالمية من جراء جهودهم التربوية الهادفة الى تعزيز المستوى الثقافي والتكنولوجي في المدرسة.
استهل الحفل بكلمة لبدوي استعرضت فيها المراحل التي مرّت بها مدرسة خليل شهاب منذ خمس سنوات شارحة الخطوات التي أهلتها لحيازة تلك الجوائز العالمية بدعم من رئيس وأعضاء مجلس أمناء المقاصد وبمساعدة من إدارة شؤون تكنولوجيا المعلومات في المقاصد.

وقالت مديرة إدارة شؤون تكنولوجيا المعلومات في المقاصد عدلا شاتيلا: "عملنا مستمر لتأمين الموارد لتحقيق دمج تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات في عملية التعلم والتعليم، وإدخال تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات في القطاع التربوي.
وختم الحفل بكلمة لرئيس جمعية المقاصد أمين الداعوق هنأ فيها الهيئة التعليمية في المدرسة على هذا الإنجاز التربوي المشرف، وقال: "وقفة عز للتربية وللمقاصد لتميّزها الأكاديمي الذي يترجم اليوم بفوز مدرسة خليل شهاب بالجائزة العالمية من شركة مايكروسوفت، وشعلة المقاصد لن تنطفئ وتستمد نورها من أفراد أسرتها الحريصة على تطوير روح العمل الجماعي لديها لتعزيز التعاون، والثقة بالنفس على بناء الإنسان في وطن متنوع ثقافياً يواكب تطوّر العصر ويجاري تقنياته الحديثة".
وقدم الداعوق درع جمعية المقاصد عربون تقدير لبدوي التي قدمت بدورها لشاتيلا درع مدرسة خليل شهاب.

Children's Day in Bangkok, Thailand

new friends from Thailand

We have new friends from Udomsuksa School, Bangkok, Thailand. Udomsuksa School is a Thai Private School with an English Prgram following the curriculum specified by the Ministry of Education. This school is existing for more than 35 years already. It's a big school with 4,000 students enrolled from Nursery to Grade 12. Ms. Sally Medina shared with us "Children's Day Around the World" project on the eLanguages website and our friends told us how this special day is celebrated in their country.

"Children's Day in Thailand falls every 2nd Saturday in January no matter what date it falls. Government offices and different organizations conduct different activities for the children on this day. The Prime Minister's office is opened and allow children to experience sitting on the Prime Minister's chair and act like a real minister.Children will be interviewed how they feel sitting on the prime minister's chair. Military bases are opened also to let children try to be on a plane and let them survey the inside of it. Most parents bring their children to different places like zoo, parks and shopping malls. School conduct simple activities for their pupils and students a day before the real Children's Day."
Thank you Ms Medina for joining our project on eLanguages and looking forward for more collaboration.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Way We Read Around Us

We read company signs,

store signs,

and bank signs............

We are ePals, the community-wide collaboration, has focused on how we say "HELLO" in different languages. Now, they'd like to have a sample to include on the ePals page, as a demonstration for others to see:

- 1 minute video showing how we read in our environment. For this reason, we, first graders, took a short trip around our school building to find labels and signs to read and made a video showing the way we read around us in Arabic, our native language, and then translate it to English.
Big Thank You to Mrs. Elizabeth Fish and the ePals association for giving us the chance to join these projects. Your support is exemplary! That made us very happy!

and here is the link to our video on the ePals website:

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Year wishes to St. Catherine School students

The New Year is coming soon,it’s time to celebrate and enjoy what is left from 2o1o with our friends.Grade 5 students at KSPS wanted to wish their friends at St. Catherine School a happy new year.For this reason,they wrote letters to express their wishes and hopes to their friends.They wished their friends a happy new year full of happiness, joy,and most of all success.Also,they wrote a poem full of wishes to their friends.Moreover,grade 5 students drew pictures using paint that they hope to bring joy and happiness to their friends’ heart.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oscar's Twin Brother: Lucky

Lucky's Diary

a photo album

 a toothbrush and toothpaste

Lucky and his Favorite Things

We hold sooo dear!

It's a very big surprise! We're so excited to meet Oscar's twin brother, Lucky.
Lucky intends to stay the whole school year with us because Oscar has told him that he really enjoyed listening to our stories and having fun with all of us. He will help us improve our reading and writing skills.
Lucky, this adorable bear, comes with his bag packed with his favorite toys, clothes, a bar of soap, a blanket, a toothbrush, toothpaste, his best bedtime story, a photo album and a diary. Every day, we're going to pull one of our names from an envelope and the lucky student gets to take our Teddy Bear home with him. Lucky will go home with his bag and with the help of our parents, we'll write down in his diary all of our adventures and take pictures with him.
We eagerly wait our turn for a day with Lucky...we promise to make you very happy and take good care of you.

Green IT Conference

Green IT conference Green IT conference, for the first time in Lebanon, was organized by “Formatech”, supported by Microsoft and Green party of Lebanon. Bank Med is the green exclusive sponsor. The conference took place in Universite Saint – Joseph on Wednesday 15th of December .Khalil Shehab Primary School was invited to the conference which was attended by Reine hably and Zeina shehab. A representative of the Minister of the Environment started the conference by encouraging the Lebanese forces to conduct internal procedures to contribute to a better future. Planning and Action are required to achieve an eco friendly environment. People that may help in the internal procedures are UNDP and companies’ assistants. Cost-benefit analysis should dominate the economical system of any company. Bank Med offers BM credit cards to finance environmental projects. Mr.Charbel Nakhle from “Formatech”sheded the light on global warming and Corporate Social Responsibility concepts. According to researchers, the causes of the global warming are diverse. Some believe that the main cause goes to the high emissions of carbon di-oxide CO2; others believe that the sun is getting hotter and the remaining researchers believe that the global warming is caused in part by the greenhouse effect that results in spreading many gases such as: CO2-CH4-N2O-HFC3. Global warming is highly persistent when high emissions of CO2 are combined with water vaporization. The effects of global warming are erosion, loss of wetlands and fresh water drinking supplies. Another environmental threat is the increase in sea level due to absence of effective damns. Half of the world’s population lies along coasts so this problem targets a large audience. Mr.Nakhle introduced the role of Green IT in driving an efficient, modern business, encouraging large energy and cost savings. Green computing refers to environmental sustainable computing .Greening your computer equipments is a low risk. Computer energy is often wasted when leaving computer on when not in use. The fan, CPU and screen savers consume power. Some toxic materials found in the electronic advices are lead, mercury and cadmium. These substances when thrown in the garbage where they will be burned will result in many negative and mortal consequences. The lead used in soldering printed circuit boars and other components cause damage to the central and peripheral brain. The mercury spreads out in water transforming to methylated mercury leading to a chronic brain damage. According to researches, in 2010 new users of computers in china and India are more than 178,000,000 and 80,000,000 respectively. This dramatic increase should be incorporated by IT eco-friendly green solutions: 1-Re-use of the PCs by giving them to Mosques, churches and libraries 2-Refurbish: change the memory and the CPU to be able to use the computer for a longer time 3-Recycling : plastic is found all over the parts of the computer 4-video conferencing to reduce travel costs 5-using LCD projector to reduce paper waste. 6-Use power saver mode Here are some Go Green challenges: 1-charge your business units for their energy usage. Put a plafond to drive down the energy usage and requirements. 2-Google Desktop gadget for XP and vista that optimizes your power setting 3-Data center redesign 4-Cooling through dynamic fresh air 5-Using hardware virtualization .Decrease the number of physical servers by having virtual servers and this result in decreasing servers’ heat, maintenance and environmental consumption Then MR. Ghassan chahine announced Microsoft commitment to software and technology that help people and organizations all over the world to improve the environment. Microsoft goal is to reduce the impact of their operations and products, and to be a leader in environmental responsibility. What Microsoft is doing? 1-reduce the 3% of energy consumed by software driven devices 2-accelerate researches 3-partner with leading environmental companies 4-Decrease carbon footprint 5-invest to decrease environmental impacts 6-Increase ICT to save energy use 7-reduce and monitor the CO2 emissions from: data centers, real estate infrastructure and travel Then there was a listing of Microsoft advanced environmental monitor and control: 1-Re-inventing the data center 2-Air side economization \Air ventilation 3- Microsoft cloud computing 4-Window 7 already built to reduce energy of ICT 5-Eye on earth (global observatory for environmental factors where people can check the quality of air and water) 6-Microsoft Hohm where citizens can check the impact on the environment and be recommended to buy a solar water heat 7- Microsoft International project “Imagine cup”. In Lebanon, USEK University won during the project competition and it is a green university for the coming 10 years. After the project, there is a room in the university that measures the CO2 emissions. Finally, Mr.philippe skaff introduced the green party of Lebanon: ‘’الحزب الخضر اللبناني “as a party that cares about the environmental prosperity and introduced briefly a demo of the Beirut Green River project . This project tend to clean Beirut River and harvest all around it green spaces that will be surrounded by huge gardens, parks, buildings and restaurants. This project needs to be funded by the government, municipalities and the wealthy investors.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

نهديكم باقة أعمال من أجمل أطفال...

مع صابون الروضة الأولى النظافة تدوم وتدوم وتدوم
شجرة خوخ
طاووسي الملوّن عائلتي الحبيبة
أ:أخطبوط بنفسجي -أ: أعدّ أرجله
أهلا" في فصل الشتاء
كلاب من مستطيلات
ب: بومة-بني-برتقالي
يا حمام المدينة سلّم على نبينا

Reading is Fun!

A Day of Reading

Scavenger Hunt

Musical Books Game

Reading to Younger Students

Name That Book
Reading is fun and a time to look forward to!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Can Learn Through Peer Teaching

Our Fourth grader Hamza Ghawi played the teacher’s role today during English session. He prepared his own power point as a summary for the English lesson “Subject/Predicate”. Therefore, he viewed it on the active board and explained each slide confidently and assertively, all alone, the teacher was just standing at the back just to monitor. At the end of the lesson, he has also prepared previously an exercise for the students to solve on the board, so he started calling up volunteers to solve it on the board. We are very proud of our beloved student Hamza and his friends who performed a great job.  We are being inspired by our innovative learners. Keep up the good work Grade four…

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sunday With Flat

a city I like to visit, Tripoli

at Rawche...we went for a walk together

stayed at home playing computer games with my Flat

Sunflower is Flat's favorite flower!

Flat likes chocolate!

at the toy store

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Everyone was excited! We took Flat Stanley home with us to spend Sunday together. When we got home, there was so much to do and share. Flat was so happy to meet our families and tell them about his adventures in Colorado, USA.
Special thank you to our parents who gave our Flat a warm welcome, took pictures, and sent them to our teacher via email. We appreciate your contribution!