Thursday, December 29, 2011


Haramain Salaat Recordings: 4th Safar 1433 ~ 29th December 2011

Haramain Salaat Recordings: 4th Safar 1433 ~ 29th December 2011: Makkah Fajr (Surahs Ale 'Imran 134-148 and Nahl 120-128) Sheikh Juhany Download Audio Watch Video in Media Player Windows Media (11...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Secret Letters for " 2012"

The countdown for “New Year 2012” is around the corner, so grade 6 students made their “New Year Wishes” in a unique way. They designed cards and wrote their dreams they hope to fulfill during 2012. They will reopen these letters at the end of 2012 to check if they worked hard to achieve their dreams.

May this new 2012 get better and better each passing day!
Happy New Year from Grade 6 Clovers!

A Statistical Project

          Over the last month, grade four students were performing an extraordinary Project .The theme of the "Project Based Learning" was about "Statistics ".
         They conducted various indoor and outdoor activities to discover by themselves what does "Statistics" mean and how to calculate            "Mean, Median, and Mode".
         This Project started with an outdoor activity where students visited the "Makassed Association" to pick data about the total numbers of students in every Makassed Primary School in Beirut.

         Students used this data to draw bar graphs that illustrated the differences in students ' numbers among Makassed Association.

         Moreover, students browsed the net to identify the Mean, Median,and Mode .Every student presented the result of his/ her research through a classroom discussion.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Years Cards Exchange

As an international school, our international students in KSPS grade three, participated in a card exchange project, whereby, they  drew,  colored and wrote greeting cards for 30 different schools all around the world. 

about the "Holiday Card Exchange Project":
Classrooms were teamed with 29 other classrooms from different countries around the world to exchange holiday cards.
Each class received an excel document with all names and addresses of the classrooms in their group. Each class created enough cards and sent 'one' card to mail to each class on their list. 
you can visit "Holiday Card Exchange" website to know more about our project

Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Cards to the World!


إنها لغة
لغتي العربية….
من لألئ الفاظك أبعث إليك السلام…ومن بحار معانيك أبدأ الكلام….
كفاني فخرا أن أنطق بكلماتك…وحسبي شرفا أن أكون من

Saturday, December 17, 2011

في اطار النّشاطات التّي يقوم بها تلامذة الصّف الثّاني الاساسي لتبيان أهميّة التّغذية السّليمة ،قاموا بدعوة بعض الأمهات لمشاركتهم وجبة صحيّة. .تضمّنت الحليب، ومشتقاته بالاضافة الى الزّيتون، والبيض، وبعض أصناف الخضار.كالبندورة، والخيار ،..... فتأملوا روعة هذا الّلقاء من خلال هذه الصّور .

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

معرض الكتاب 2011

        ما أجمل السّاعات التي نمضيها في قراءة الكتب والقصص  حيث نطـّلع على ذخائر العقل وكنوز المعرفة فهذه الكتب هي نافذة نطلّ من خلالها على بحر واسع من الفنون والعلوم والثّقافات فلنتزوّد منها حتـّى تتـّسع آفاقـنا ومداركنا .
       في إطار النـّشاطات المدرسيّة الهادفة ، قام تلامذة الحلقة الثـّانية بزيارة إلى معرض الكتاب في البيال حيث جالوا فيه وراحوا يتهافتون إلى تصفّح القصص وشرائها في جوّ من الفرح والمتعة .
      الشّكر لكلّ من ساهم في هذا النـّشاط المثمر .

Saturday, December 10, 2011

سلطة خضراء

تعرّف أطفال الحضانة على اللون الأخضر بطريقة ممتعة وشهية ، فقاموا بتحضير طبق السلطة من الخضار الخضراء،كالفليفلة،النعنع ، الخيار ،الخس والبقدونس ما أشهى الخضارالخضراء

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lebanese Virtual Museum

Realizing the importance of learning about different cultures, more importantly about one’s own culture, the third grade students at Makassed Khalil Shehab Elementary School took part of a project based learning activity under the title of " Virtual Museum” in the following wikispaces project aims at infusing recent skills, particularly research and presentation skills, into traditional learning. Moreover; it encourages cross-curricular integration by allowing students to link their ideas through comparing their culture to other cultures as such enhancing their critical thinking. All this shall be achieved through creating a Lebanese virtual museum.The following videos depict how the teacher introduced the project to the students, whereby she initiated the learning process by explaining to students what a virtual museum is. Next, her explanation was supported by showing them the wiki page dedicated for virtual museums. Through this page students had the chance to take a look at museums all over the world while a discussion of the places took place simultaneously. Some students were asked to present their observations in front of the class; others had to share their knowledge about the introduced places. This activity was intended to prepare students for their presentation and the ability to speak in front of audience and for their visit to the museum. In addition, the third graders were allowed to watch samples of other students’ work, some of the posted videos included comparing museums at their home country to museums at other parts of the world, while other videos were limited to comparing the students’ current culture to their ancient one. Finally, students were told that they are to prepare similar videos in order to create their own Lebanese Virtual Museum after they visit their museum.

Visiting the Lebanese Museum. The guide narrated historical stories about each piece in the museum.
Lebanese Virtual Museum