Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Adha Greeting Cards to our friends at Ling Moor Academy

Adha feast is near. For this reason, grade 4 KSPS students decided to send their friends at Ling Moor academy greeting cards to allow them to know about our traditions in Adha. In return, our young clovers are excited to receive letters from their friends at Ling Moor soon. Happy Adha Feast from grade 4 clovers!

Monday, September 29, 2014

A New Journey at KSPS!

Dear Students,
A new academic year welcomes you all to a dynamic and challenging educational experience. Together we will build a concrete basis by experimenting and investing our knowledge to expand our horizon and empower our future.
Looking forward towards a bright future would be the key that will boost and energize your true potential. Hence, your worries and self-doubts of the upcoming events will diminish and fade away with your awareness of choices. I commend you to arm yourselves with a heart full of endless hope, a mind secured with trust and confidence, and eyes to see the route of a successful future.
At Makassed KSPS, we will dive into a new beginning, and together, we will get in a new journey full of creativity, exploration, and imagination. This journey will transcend your school learning to nurture and foster your global thinking and experiences.
As Khalil Jebran said, "Education saws not seeds in you, but makes your seeds grow".

World Peace 2014-2015

The beginning of school is the most difficult time for everyone, teachers, students, and parents. It's the time where they have to emerge themselves back to the mood of SCHOOL.
As a teacher, at this time of the year, teachers try to prepare the best they can, with lesson plans, decorations, syllabi, tests, exams ... but the most interesting part is when they have to think of new ideas for their  "back to school" bulletin boards. And this is where the chaos starts, where everyone tries to do her/his best by using the supplies they have at school or in their lockers, in order to create something colorful, beautiful, and interesting for their students and classes.
Unlike other years, this year I was confused and was not sure what exactly to do on the bulletin boards. So, I tried to think ... and came up with this question, what's the thing that we need the most for this year?
As a Lebanese and a citizen of the world, I got one answer; PEACE. And I wanted to reflect this on my students, by granting them the chance to discover and understand the meaning of "peace" around them.
Thus, I prepared the above bulletin board.
And I guess this is what we all need in our daily lives ... peace of mind, peace during the day, peace within the country, and peace at school ... And I thought that if PEACE starts from schools, it will eventually spread throughout the country.
For this year I wish you all a great successful and peaceful year!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back to Cool

Fun has just begun,  we wish you all a year full of success.

K1 Class

 K2 Class

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Welcome Back "Selfies"

As the school’s gate opened early this morning, our young clovers rushed to start a new scholastic year that will be full of success and great achievements. Students hurried to greet and welcome their teachers and classmates. I was elated and excited to welcome back my old students and meet new ones. It was a great way to welcome back our young clovers by taking “Selfies” that filled the walls of our school with laughter and joy.