Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Purple Mash @ home!

KSPS students are experiencing a new tool that is allowing them to continue their e-learning at home.
Rasha, a fifth grader experienced purple mash at her home and came back to school with this interesting video.

Monday, February 16, 2015

It’s Purple Mash time!

Purple Mash is a new creative online space that hosts interactive activities, creative tools, and games for all subjects to support and inspire creative and interactive learning.
I, as a math and science teacher, started to implement purple mash in my classes. I created accounts for all of my fifth graders; every student had his/her unique username and password. And that’s when the journey of interactivity begun!
We used different tools, played games, created projects, science stories, graphs… and much more.

We used this game while studying about Factors

We used this game while studying about Integers

View a science story about "Nimo", the fish.

 What’s beneficial about Purple Mash is that it is an online tool; my students are continuing their learning anywhere and anytime. Stay tuned to show you how my students are using purple mash at their homes! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Puchi Pu Pu Puchi ...


Acting Rehearsals :)

  When your students are getting ready for their performance and their beloved theatre teacher/director; Mr. Bassam, is on his nerves trying to give his best to his students and guide them to become better actors, I get encouraged too and start helping them with the performance.

It's such an honor to have such a teacher, who not only acts but teaches them the basic ethics and techniques to behave and stand on stage.
Body language is an important technique used in our daily lives to accomplish so many deeds, which can help us conquer hearts, judgements, and impressions.

 Thank you Mr. Bassam for your effort and guidance!
Good luck to my students for their performance next week!

Saturday, February 07, 2015

An animal habitat in our classroom!

Students in a hands-on science activity will remember the material better, feel a sense of accomplishment when the task is completed, and be able to transfer that experience easier to other learning situations. For this reason, fifth graders decided to model different vertebrate and invertebrate animals using clay, cardboards, and many other materials. Then, they decorated the animals they created in a corner in their classroom and now they are ready to answer any question about this lesson!

Thursday, February 05, 2015

From Ling Moor with Love

Grade 4 students were elated to receive plenty of colorful materials sent from our partner school in UK, Ling Moor Academy. A month ago, we sent our UK friends plenty of souvenirs and posters. Now it’s our turn to receive colorful drawings, postcards, and letters wishing us a happy year! We decorated our classroom with these materials to always remember our friends over the seas.

Materials we sent
Materials we received
Excited to send, Elated to receive!