Monday, February 25, 2013

Fact or opinion?

Grade 3 students enjoyed playing games about fact and opinion. The first game was a board game.The class was divided into 3 groups. In turn, students rolled the dice, then they chose a card from the deck.They had to decide if it was a fact or opinion. If they got it correct, they got to move the number of spaces they rolled. They had to do whatever it says on the square they landed on. The first team to the end won the game. They also made another activity, they had to choose the correct answer and sort the sentences into fact or opinion.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Matter is fun! We, the third graders, made nice activities about matter. We had to search and circle the matter that we can find. Not to mention, sorting matter into solid, liquid and gas.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Food group fun

As a part of " Promoting nutritional habits to kids" project with the contribution of the AUB health department and nestle, grade 3 got the opportunity to study about food groups. They made loads of fun activities such as matching, sorting food into groups, deciding whether the foods are healthy or just treats, and they made a healthy meal. Moreover, they danced on a food group song, they had to snap for grains, stomp for vegetables, turn around for fruits, clap for diary, and nod for meats and proteins. Indeed, learning is fun!

The food group song

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

لقاء شتوي

لقاء شتوي جمع أطفال عثمان ذي النورين مع أهاليهم في المدرسة. فقد حضر الأهالي إلى الصف وشاهدوا عرضاً للدرس حول فصل الشتاء باللغتين العربية والإنكليزية ، كما غنّى ورقص الأطفال على مسرح المدرسة الذي كان مكلّلاً بالثلوج البيضاء والرسوم الجميلة الخاصة بهذا الفصل. تراشق الأطفال مع أهاليهم بالثلوج وتناولوا أشهى أنواع الأطعمة الشتوية . صنع الأهالي مع أطفالهم رجلاً من الثلج وهو عبارة عن كرات من الفلين البيضاء ليبقى ذكرى لهذا اليوم الجميل

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Lesson with my Child

KG2 parents attended an English and Arabic classes with their children. Many activities related to KG2 program were executed . Parents were introduced to"Caring School Community" program that has to do with character building,the teaching strategies, and procedures that take place during the day . It was a great experience for both parents and children.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sweet Recipes

How to prepare a vanilla cake? How to cook “Fondant au chocolat”? What are the ingredients of the famous blueberry cheesecake? … These are some questions you have to ask KSPS 5th graders.
Some students were able to prepare desserts at home, others wrote the recipes, and still others downloaded videos of famous cooking shows. Of course Grandmothers, mothers, and sisters played a huge role in this project.
Thanks for all and Bon Appétit!

Our School's Library

Kiwi, Strawberry, blueberry, orange … names of fruits? Well, actually YES, but our 5th graders used them as their group names. In groups of 5 each group visited the library and chose a short story, in order to read, enjoy, and paraphrase it in front of the whole class. The summarizations and the presentations of the groups were amazing with unexpected results.
With the help of Mrs. Zeina Fawzi I was able to give my students a chance to borrow books and visit the library.
For more pictures you can check this slideshow:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

حقوق ومسؤوليّات عبر الانترنت- أتواصل باحترام

     برعاية وزير الشّؤون الاجتماعيّة الأستاذ وائل أبو فاعور والمجلس الأعلى للطّفولة أقامت مؤسّسة الرّؤية العالميّة في لبنان بالتّعاون مع شركائها من الوزارات والجمعيّات إحتفالا بيوم الانترنت الأكثر أمانا ً 2013 في قصر الاونيسكو.
تضمّن الحفل عرضاً مسرحيّاً هادفاً يشجّع على السّلامة عبر الانترنت وتوزيع جوائز قيّمة على 19 تلميذ وتلميذة رابحوا من ثلاثين مدرسة مشاركة حول لبنان.
     فازت التّلميذة جمال يموت بكاميرا رقميّة  لرسمها لوحة عن الانترنت الهادف ، كما أخصّ بالشّكر الاستاذ بسّام حيدر والآنسة سمر المصري لإشرافهما على هذا النّشاط المثمر .
مبارك لمدرسة خليل شهاب ومبارك للمقاصد.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

فرس النّهر

     عالم الحيوان مليء بالمعلومات القيّمة والغنيّة وكلّما غصنا فيه تعرّفنا إلى أشياء كثيرة وغريبة.
     تلامذة الصّفّ الخامس بدأوا جولتهم في عالم الحيوان مع فرس النّهر إذ راحوا يتعرّفون إلى صفات هذا الحيوان الضّخم وطرق عيشه وتكاثره.
     فلتستمتعوا معنا بمشاهدة هذين العرضين من إعداد التـّلميذتين سلمى أحمد وجمال يموت.

Shield the Earth

Grade 2 may care about the environment, but we;the third graders, are the pioneers! Since last year and we are trying our best  to help the environment and protect our earth. Now we are year older and a year wiser, we decided to find out about all kinds of pollution, their causes and solutions. We made a research and shared our information with the rest of the class. Wait! we also signed a vow to protect the environment and help reduce pollution. We hope that our little efforts will make a change. Help yourself, help the environment!