Saturday, October 29, 2011

ميلولكن ميولة..منطعميكن تبولة....

قام أطفال الروضة الأولى بتحضير التبولة و ذلك لما تتضمنه من أحرف تبدأ بحرف الباء...(بندورة-بصل-برغل- بقدونس).. حيث تعرفوا على فوائد الخضار وسموا الألوان والأشكال و تعرفوا أيضا" على المذاق المالح و الحامض. لقد استمتعوا كثيرا" في هذا النشاط و تناولوا أشهى تبولة في صف الروضة الأولى.... صحتين..:)

مقتطفات من أعمال الروضة الأولى...

مع هبوب النسيم الخفيف ..تتطاير أوراق الخريف..
خرافي مشكلة من اطرافي..
ماذا يمكنني ان أصنع من ورقة خريف؟؟
مواء مواء ...وقطط سوداء
مهرجون سعداء ..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wear Red Day

Nursery children had a red day. They wore red clothes,brought red objects from home and had lots of fun with red color. They executed different activities : made a red collage, red apple print, red hearts print .... and had a red snack, apples and Jell-O, in addition to red games and face paint... Most important of all, they enjoyed their day :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

KSPS Open House

On Saturday October 22nd an “Open House” was held at Makassed KSPS. Parents were very happy to meet KSPS new principal, Mrs. Rana Sabbidine, and KSPS staff. Mrs. Rana started the meeting by introducing herself and summarizing the school’s activities and special events for this year. She emphasized on the importance of implementing the reward-punishment system while dealing with students. Then, the coordinators presented a power point presentation that gives an overview of the curriculum, strategies, behavior policies, and new technologies used while teaching. Many great ideas were shared and this open house provided opportunities for teachers to gain parents' support - opening doors for a good first impression. This meeting created a personal connection with parents and set the stage for continued communication throughout the school year.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Open House

A parent meeting was held on Thursday 20/10/2011 at Othman Thinnourain School. The meeting focused on our school's procedures,strategies,plans and the importance of cooperation between parents and school for better results. Teachers talked about each class program and discussed different activities and approaches followed to develop the child's different skills.

Monday, October 17, 2011

أحبّك مدرستي

شاهد أطفال عثمان ذي النورين مسرحية دمى بعنوان " أحبّك مدرستي" . تعرّف الأولاد من خلالها على النشاطات المسليةالتي تطبق في المدرسة وأهمية اللعب والتعاون مع الرفاق

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Developing ICT skills to develop Effective E-learning courses

The British Council has organized a training course from 13 to 15 October at “Crown Plaza Hotel”. The presenter is Dr. Baldev Singh from “Imagine Education”. More than 40 teachers from different schools were present today in the training. Makassed KSPS and Makassed ABAT were presented by Mrs. Ghina Al Badawi, Mrs. Rana Sabbidine, Ms. Dounia Baderdine, and Mrs. Rawaa Shehab.
The objectives of the training:
• Develop a good understanding of steps and structure to develop an effective e-learning course.
• Develop e-learning courses using open source systems such as MoodIe to support collaboration, assessment and tracking of progress.
• Use additional applications to create E-Learning objects which can be embedded into the E-Learning environment.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

متعة التعلم باللعب

Makassed-Davidson ICT Dialogue

When Dr. Mohamed Naffi was visiting his daughter Nadia who is studying for an M.A. in Educational Technology at Concordia University in Canada, he met her thesis supervisor Dr. Ann-Louise Davidson. What was at first a personal familial visit turned out to be the kernel for a stimulating discussion for Dr. Naffi. Indeed, Dr. Naffi thought that Dr. Davidson’s expertise in the use of technology in education, especially special education, could be useful to Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association in Beirut because they have always been at the avant-garde of educational ideas and have always known how to seize a good opportunity. The acquaintance between the two academics culminated in an academic meeting wherein educationists from Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association as well as other institutions interacted with Dr. Davidson to share knowlege and common concerns about ICT.
If you would like to read more about their interesting dialogue, please visit: