Monday, June 25, 2012

ISTE 2012: "Expanding Horizons"

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®) is the premier membership association for educators and education leaders engaged in improving learning and teaching by advancing the effective use of technology in PK–12 and teacher education. This year’s theme for ISTE is Expanding Horizons.
Join ISTE 2012 and discover how educators from around the world are using innovative technologies to help students expand their horizons.

For more information about ISTE Conference 2012 and how to connect virtually, visit the ISTE 2012 website.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

Congratulations :) KG1 and KG2 studetns . Have a nice summer vacation.

Friday, June 22, 2012

On the Way We Gooooooooooooooooo!

Nursery children celebrated end of year day with their parents. They danced , sang , and played different challenging games related to transportation theme. Goodbye my friends, I can't wait to see you again. Have a wonderful summer vacation. We'll miss you.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Towards The International School Award

The British Council offers the "International School Award" (ISA) as an accreditation framework for schools to record and evaluate their international work and embed it into the curriculum and whole school ethos. The accreditation lasts for three years.
ISA has a very positive impact on developing pupils’ awareness of the cultures of other countries, while still promoting an understanding of their own culture.

ISA supports schools to develop the following:

-An international ethos embedded throughout the school
-A majority of pupils within the school impacted by and involved in international work

-Collaborative curriculum-based work with a number of partner schools
-Curriculum-based work across a range of subjects
-Year round international activity
-Involvement of partner schools and the wider community in the UK
During this academic year, KSPS worked hard to acquire ISA accreditation for the second time.
We worked on producing 8 activities under 3 themes.
Health and Care Theme: 100 m Race, Olympic day, World Health Day, Safety  
Tourism Theme: Exchanging postcards with Nottingham schools, Virtual Museum, International Cultural and Food Festival
Imagination and Story Telling: Talent Show, Story Booklets (exchanged with schools in Nottingham)
Our determination towards winning will allow us to win the International School Award again and again:)
Rawaa Shehab
ISA International Coordinator

Monday, June 04, 2012

Police Officers Help us Obey the Laws

Thank you Mr. Hanna Lahham for visiting our children at Othman Thinnourain School.They have learned a lot about traffic signs, road safety rules and how to be safe while sitting in the car and other means of transportation. We really enjoyed and gained a lot from your session. Some of our children wished to be police officers when they grow up :)

قف، إستعد، إنطلق ، إشارة المرور

للحماية والأمن والأمان عليك الإنتباه إلى ألوان إشارة المرور والتقيد بإشارات السّير . هذا الموضوع أثار اهتمام أطفال الحضانة في مدرسة عثمان ذي النورين فنزلوا إلى الشارع طالبين من المارّة التقيّد بهذه الإشارات واحترامها، وذلك بمساعدة شرطة السّير شاكرين لهم جهودهم

KSPS at Makassed Science Fair

   On Thursday May 31, the annual Makassed Science Fair was held in Gazeiri  .
   As every year, KSPS participated in 5 amazing, interesting, and useful projects.
Grade one: Nada Zein: Human Bones.
Grade two: Mahmoud Yamout: Electric game.
Grade Four: Jamal Yamout: Solar Home.
Grade five: Bilal Fakhoury: Fire Forest Fighting .
Grade five: Hiba Ezani, Oussama Sousi, Mohamad Oscar: Detecting Photosynthesis.
  On Saturday June 2nd, the fair was open for public. President Amine Daouk and Professor Wafik Sinno .
   Hopefully these projects will all win and our young clover will shine as in every competition.