Saturday, May 24, 2008

Discipline & Citizenship

Dear Parents, In times like this, one of the most important traits we can teach our children and our students is good citizenship.We have to build character.This isn't something we can pass over like family treasures or be brought-up into such as habits.Instead, this is something children should learn little by little and not overnight.It must be an ongoing process until they reach maturity.Disciplining children to follow rules ,respect others ,and value cooperation lays the foundation for good citizenship..Don't be overwhelmed with the word discipline.In contrast to the old traditional mentality , it was always coupled with punishment. However, nowadays discipline means helping children develop self control, finding alternative solutions to problems, knowing their limits and correcting misbehavior.Simultoneously, it is encourging children, guiding them, and helping them feel good about themselves.Such learning will only occur when family and school join their efforts to build character for the future generation...and for Lebanon Mrs. Dina Diab

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