Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Professional Development One of our teachers' aims at Khalil Shehab School is professional development. That's why we are always willing to take part in any workshop, session, or seminar that would help us fulfill that aim and take our teaching to a higher level. We are constantly attending workshops focusing on what is regarded as a new theory, approach or technique that we could use effectively in our classrooms. Our teachers have attended a number of workshops from the beginning of the school year till now. Recent workshops that were attended in November: Mrs. Rawya Shatila, Miss Sabah Wazzan, and Miss Samar Al Masri attended a workshop at Haigazian University on November 8th titled: Computers: Interactive Search Engine Tools for Teaching. Teachers use documents, scholars, books, notebooks, blogs, page creators, groups, calendars, maps, news, advanced searches, dictionaries, and translators to gain educational benefits. This workshop all the above was demonstrated and practiced through the use of the internet. Miss Huda Shaaban also attended a workshop at Haigazian University titled: الطريقة الإستقرائيّة في تعليم اللغة العربيّة Upcoming Important Seminar: On December 5th, Miss Huda Shaaban, Miss Joncet Jarkass, Mrs. Zainab Makki, Mrs. Randa Enzawi, and Miss Rola Morad are going to attend an important seminar organized by Early Childhood Care and Development Program at Crown Plaza Hotel. They will be introduced to the latest ECD international trends and updates, and also to ARC ECCD Program updates. Then they will attend a workshop on Teaching Arabic Language to Children with Learning Disabilities where an effective and updated program that teaches Arabic phonics (reading and spelling) to learning disabled and dyslexic students using multisensory phonics approach will be presented.

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