Friday, January 30, 2009

Certificates from The British Council

Mrs. Ghina Al Badawi and a number of our teachers were invited to Unesco Palace on Friday, January 23rd to receive certificates for attending workshops organized by The British Council in the presence of the British Embassador Mrs. Francis Guy and the Lebanese minister of Education Mrs. Bahiya Al- Harriri. Mrs. Ghina was presented with an appreciation award for delivering ICT workshops for teachers and principals. Mrs. Rawya Shatila, Mrs. Zeina Shehab, Mrs. Mirvat Edelbi, Miss Samar Al Masri from Khalil Shehab together with Mrs. May Hajjar and Mrs. Masarra Al Rifae also received certificates for attending the ICT workshops that were presented last year. To our principal, we say thank you for your pioneer ideas and super efforts. To our teachers, we say you are doing a great job to try to keep updated regarding what's new in the fields of both education and technology. Keep up the good work!

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