Thursday, April 09, 2009

Special Guests at Our School

We were very lucky to have received another visit from the British Council so that the greater number of our students could have a chance to explore the educational yet fun website designed by the British Council: This time grades four and five spent an hour of fun listening first to Mr. Steve Hilton telling them about the site. Then they had an opportunity to see some of its features. They played some of its games, listened and watched some of the stories and even watched some of the famous Arab artists using English to tell more about themselves. The games were the most fun part. Students were divided into teams. A student from each team was picked to be the leader. Teams started competing and in the end there was a winner. The students' interaction was remarkable. They expressed their enthusiasm to explore the website on their own at home. Some of them were already doing that. Finally, they were presented with leaflets about the website and a pen to always remember this wonderful visit. Special thanks goes to the British Council for taking the time again and providing students with such an interesting website so teachers as well as parents are sure that their children are learning and at the same time spending hours of fun!

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