Thursday, February 04, 2010

Winter Season in KG1 Class

KG1 students had a rainy and a snowy week. They executed lots of activities related to winter season. Fun and joy filled the atmosphere.


Rawya Shatila said...

Zeina, GREAT winter activities to fall in love with ;) and the song is lovely... the kids are so cute, but I think we have to change the lyrics next year to:
"rain rain don't go away, the sun can come back another day, rain please stay"...What do you think?
ya3teeke 2alf 3afyeh

Rawya Shatila said...

by the way, building a snowman using the drag and drop activity is so interesting :)

zeina shehab said...

thanks Mrs. Rawya, im glad u liked the actvities. It's a good idea to modify the song next year why not, I loved the butterfly activity, have a nice weekend