Saturday, July 10, 2010

Strategic Leadersip for ICT Workshop

A three day workshop organized by the British Council was given to 20 principals from the private and the public sectors in WBCC. The purpose of the workshop was to provide school principals with informed professional judgement, and to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and understanding needed to implement an ICT vision. What we targeted was that principals write and afterwards implement a strategic plan that aknowledges the undeniable potential that technology has to enhance and extend learning and assist in administration, hoping that they have a positive attitude towards managing change. Special thanks goes to Mayssa Dawi , the project manager & my cotrainer Mrs Samia Abu Hamad. To Father Jean Paul Bassil,Father Wadih alSukayyem, Father Fadi ALmir, Dr Anwar Kawtharani, Dr Jean Claude Saab, Sister Pascale, Mr Naja Khalil , Mrs Lalyla Daw, Mr Ahmad Attieh, Mr Tarek Harmouch, Mr Talal Durgham, Mr Ibrahim Khalil, Mr Hassan Abbass, Mrs Aida Ghandour, Mrs SihamAdulhadi,Mrs Shadia Mansour,and Mrs Iman Mehio;to all of you I say you were important pieces of our SLICT puzzle and each of you enriched our three days in his/her own special way. Thank you ALL :)


amine daouk said...

This must have been a great experience for the first timers and I am sure an informative in depth knowledge exercise for all .
I am proud that our Makassed School Principal Mrs Ghina Al Badawi has lead this workshop with her now wide experience in both ICT and School Administration. Knowing Ghina I am sure the transmission of knowledge and skills was smooth and pleasant with her smile.
Thanks Ghina... you are a true 4 leaf clover to Makassed

Ghina Al-Badawi said...

Thank you dear president for your sweet trustful words.We hope all schools have strategic visions of ICT to salute the minds of our 21st century learners. This is a first step & the road is 1000 miles.With your inspiring vision & the continuous innovations the Directorate of Technology at Makassed we will,in no time, reach the endgoal.We will be the change we wish to see in the world.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Ghina!
It was so fruitful for me and I think for all my colleagues!
God bless you!