Friday, February 18, 2011

Mental Math Medley

“Math Mental Medley” requires students to solve word problems represented verbally and record the answers on a provided answer sheet. I read each problem once, and students have only 90 seconds to answer it. I use a stop watch to manage time while performing this activity.
“Math Mental Medley” helps students listen, manage time, and enhance their calculation and problem solving skills. This activity is a good motivation for logical-mathematical students.
Grade five students are learning how to multiply and divide decimal numbers. I integrated this activity in their classroom, so I read five problems and students made their best to solve the problems as fast as they can correctly.   


Anonymous said...

oh yeah we did it

leilachouman said...

are you kidding 90 sec? here in choueifat UAE we give them 10 seconds starting KG2, and yes they can do it, if you give them 90 seconds they will use their fingers while 10 sec will oblige them to do mental calculations