Thursday, June 02, 2011

Makassed Science Fair

On Wednesday June 1st, the annual “Makassed Science Fair” was held. KSPS students participated in this fair in six projects. Each student waited near his/her project to demonstrate for the judges their work and results.
On Thursday June 2nd, the fair was open for public. President Amine Daouk and Professor Wafik Sinno and his family visited the fair.
KSPS Projects:
“Plants and light” presented by Riwa Al Khateeb (grade 2)
“Reflection of Laser Light” presented by Jamal Yamout (grade 3)
“Plants and Vitamins” presented by Muhideen Al Tabesh (grade 4)
“Wooden Electric Generator” presented by Mounir Shmaissani (grade 5)
“Factors that Influence Plants’ Growth” presented by Nour Helou (grade 6)
“Vitamin C in Orange Juice” presented by Omar Ghawi (grade 6)
Special thanks to KSPS students for their amazing performance in the fair.

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