Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

We must have the carbon sense to help restore and strengthen to cope with climate change. The intensive usage of fossil fuel leverages the emissions of Carbon in the biosphere and may contribute to global warming. Tree planting can not only offset environmental threats and global warming. By reducing our emissions and energy use, living habitats can benefit from different aspects: (1)- Trees absorption of CO2 helps mitigate climate change (2)- Trees slow the rate of heavy rainfall which reduces the flood risk (3)- Linking habitats helps species move and breed protecting biodiversity (4)-Cleaned air and natural landscapes provides health benefits We should REDUCE our energy use and RESTORE natural habitats Sherwood Forest, the home of the legend Robin Hood , is one of the most beautiful ancient woodland. Nowadays, Sherwood Forest trust supports this natural UK country side. They collect funds and encourage citizens to be Sherwood Supporter. For more information on carbon offsetting visit:

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