Sunday, October 23, 2011

KSPS Open House

On Saturday October 22nd an “Open House” was held at Makassed KSPS. Parents were very happy to meet KSPS new principal, Mrs. Rana Sabbidine, and KSPS staff. Mrs. Rana started the meeting by introducing herself and summarizing the school’s activities and special events for this year. She emphasized on the importance of implementing the reward-punishment system while dealing with students. Then, the coordinators presented a power point presentation that gives an overview of the curriculum, strategies, behavior policies, and new technologies used while teaching. Many great ideas were shared and this open house provided opportunities for teachers to gain parents' support - opening doors for a good first impression. This meeting created a personal connection with parents and set the stage for continued communication throughout the school year.


Anonymous said...

but none tell me about thismeeting.I was waiting it .
jamal kara bissani

زينب مكي said...

وجهت الدعوة الى جميع الأهل مع تحديد الزمان والمكان يوم الخميس ووزعت على جميع التلامذة اللذين أعادوا الرسالة الى المدرسة موقعة من الأهل الذين يرغبون بالحضور أو الاعتذارو

Anonymous said...

تمّ إرسال الدعوة إلى الأهل مع جميع التلامذة.عبير الكوش