Monday, April 30, 2012

1st and 3rd prize at AUB Science Fair!!!

We are very proud to announce that KSPS Young Scientists did it for the second time!
This year KSPS students participated in the annual AUB Science fair in 3 projects.
A KG project entitled “Healthy Bones” presented by Rein Halabi, Jana Abdallah, and Dany Graizi and guided by Mrs.Mirvat Edelbi.
We also participated in 2 elementary projects, Reflection of Laser Light presented by Jamal Yamout, grade 4, and guided by Mrs. Nada Bashashi.
The second elementary project was “Triple F” (Fire Forest Fighting) presented by Bilal Fakhoury, grade 5, and guided by Mrs. Rawaa Shehab.
We are elated to announce that Bilal won the 1st prize in Science Technology projects, while Jamal won the 3rd prize in Science Demonstration projects.

Congratulations YOUNG SCIENTISTS,

Congratulations KSPS,

Congratulations Makassed!


Rana Sabbidine said...

I would like to salute all teachers, students and parents who worked hard to win these awards. Thank you Mrs. Rawaa, Mirvat and Nada for your efforts.

Congratulations Bilal and Jamal!


nada bashashi yamout said...

ألف مبروك للمقاصد ولخليل شهاب التي أظهرت أنـّها رغم إمكانياتها المحدودة تستطيع بمجهود معلّميها وتلامذتها تحقيق المستحيل
هنئيا ً لكما يا بلال ويا جمال بهاتين
الجائزتين ونتمنّى لأترابكم من براعم خليل شهاب تحقيق الأفضل دوما
الشّكر لكلّ من ساهم في تحقيق هذا الفوز من معلمات وأهل