Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Dance in the News

                              More than 2,300 students from Lebanon

Friday 18 May 2012, 3.00 pm (Beirut time) the day the Olympic Torch arrived to UK, more than 2,300 students from Lebanon joined schools across the world in the world-record breaking dance, the “Big Dance”, created by Wayne McGregor, Artistic Director of Random Dance. The event took place at the Parliament Square downtown Beirut with a live screening of the Olympic torch.
Multifarious channels and newspapers attended the “Big Dance” as Reuters, Future, Orbit, Tele-Liban, LBC Sat, and Al Hurrah T.V.
In addition to the great number of coverage generated through broadcasted media locally and regionally, Channel 4 news in UK covered this event

I advise you to click on the following links to check how different newspapers reported this unique event.

Hopefully our Young Clovers will enter Guinness Book through the Big Dance!

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