Friday, November 23, 2012

Mom, you are most welcome

Science with MOM

On Wednesday November 21st, grade 5 science session wasn’t the same as everyday. Special visitors were present in our classroom. Fifteen mothers were invited to attend an interactive science class where we were the teachers and our moms were the students. We started preparing for this event a week ago. Our class was divided into Jigsaw groups. Jigsaw is a cooperative learning technique that promotes better learning, improves students' motivation, and increases enjoyment of the learning experience. Each Jigsaw group took a part of the lesson to explain it for the rest of the class. In one jigsaw group, Salma and Marwa were responsible for presenting body cells; Lama and Tala were assigned to cover the respiratory system; Ruba and Mona the excretory system; Hiba and Lana the circulatory sytem; Bayan and Malak the skeleton system. Jamal summed up the lesson through an interactive flipchart. Finally, Nivine gave us some tips that help us keep our body strong and healthy.
When mom is present Learning becomes definitely so much fun!


Salma Sherif said...

Miss Rawaa this day was very exciting for me and mom, and I want to thank you it was realy great.
Your student: Salma
fifth grade

Rana Sabbidine said...

Thank you Rawaa for sharing this experience with our dearest mothers. Well done and keep it up!

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