Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crazy crazes

One of our goals as a school is to make global citizens, as such, grade 3 students had the opprtunity to have a global view of what's happening elsewhere in the world. They had the chance to learn about other cultures and communities through the collabrotive project " Crazy crazes". In this project, students watched and read experiences of 18 other schools all over the world. Each school , including us, mentioned the latest crazes in their school, what is popular and fashionable. As such, grade 3 made a table mentioning their latest crazes, they also took pictures and made videos. To view out wiki page, you can click on this website for more information:

This is the table that the students came out with after making presentations mentioning their favorite crazes at school:

Games we are playing at school:
-          Football
-           Basketball
-          Monopoly
-          Hide and seek
-          Uno
-          Tag
-          DVDs
-          Coins from different countries
-           Smurfs and Dora cards
-          Ps3 cds
-           Small cars
-          Football cards
-          Balls
-          Stickers
Popular particular past time:
-          Hula hoop
-           Board games
-          Dancing like gang men style
-          Smurfs cartoon
-          Playstation3
-          Wii
Favorite TV programs :
-          Animal planet
-          National geography
-           Sponge bob
-          Ben 10
-          The voice
-           Baby’s day out
-          Tom and jerry
-          Wizards of Waverley place
-          Good luck Charlie
-          Jessie
Popular books:
-          Fun at the farm
-           Walter and the tugboat
-           Dinasours
-          The teny weeny tadpole
-           Bridges
-          Hansel and grittel
Particular style of clothing and brands:
-          Puma
-           Nike
-          Different kind of braids
-          Spiky hair
-          Jeans and sweater
-          Beret hats
-          Cute ear muffs and scarves
-          Leather jackets
-          Colored jeans
-          Hoodies
Favorite movies:
-          The princess and the frog
-          The little mermaid
-          Snow white
-          Cinderella
-          Spider man
-          The chipmunks
-          Spy kids
Favorite characters:
-          Ben 10
-          Ariel
-          Teddy in Good luck Charlie
-          Alex from Wizards of Waverley Place
-          Sponge bob
Favorite songs:
-          The wheels of the bus
-          Three little monkeys
-          We are the world
-          Tell me why

You can view the videos on our wiki page.


Gassia Topoushian said...

After all children are children, wherever you go you may find children loving the same games, movies, songs, or cartoon characters. Nice job Rasha!

Salma Sherif said...

Yes,we have different favorite games,movies,songs,kinds of stories and books....And that depends on our age.But sometimes we have the same favorite things.Also every one has his or her own openions and ideas.so I say that as a child and this is my openion.

Rana Sabbidine said...

Well done. What interests me most is engaging students in the learning process. THEIR VOICES COUNT!!!

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