Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Singular and plural nouns

Grade 3 students had the chance to study singular and plural nouns in a fun way. First, they had to write the plural form of some words and then erase the blank to see if it's correct. Next, they practice making plural form with words that end with a "y".They had to drag the word to the black box to see the correct plural form of each word.After that,they had to circle the correct plural spelling of each word and erase to check the answer.Then they had to drag a word from behind the flower pots, and place it in the correct box to make the word plural. Finally, they had to pull each flower out of it's pot to reveal the plural spelling of the word on the pot. If it is the correct spelling, thumbs up. If it is not the correct spelling, thumbs down. No wonder they'll never forget singular and plural nouns!

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