Thursday, April 03, 2014

Towards the Big Dance

For the fifth year, KSPS young clovers are participating in the Big dance, organized by the British Council. For this reason, 40 KSPS students, 8 to 11 years, participated in the big dance training that was held on Tuesday April 1st in ABAT, Bshara Al Khoury campus. Elaine Macey & Dean Soden – Artistic Directors of 4Motion Dance Theatre Company in the UK trained around 100 students from KSPS and ABAT on the Big Dance. The fifth edition of the Big Dance Pledge is part of Culture 2014, a programme of events and projects inspired by the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. It is created by Scottish Ballet with the Special Educational Needs (SEN) focus. The British Ambassador to Lebanon Mr. Tom Fletcher has confirmed his attendance on the Big Dance event this year The Big Dance performance will take place on Saturday 10 May 2014 at 0930am in Nejmeh/Parliament Square, Beirut Down Town The whole dance is available on the following link:

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Part of the training


riwa bleik said...

It was a pleasure to dance with professional dancers.
Let's all dance "Big Dance"

Rawaa Shehab said...

Special thanks to ms Abir for her efforts in training the students

Rana Sabbidine said...

I would like to thank Miss Abir too for training our students. Thanks to Joanne for joining you in this session, and many thanks to you Rawaa for your continuous follow up to make this event a success.

Abir Alkoush said...

شكرآ لكم ! ما في أجمل من ضحكة الأطفال على وجوههم وهم يرقصون