Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Adha Feast Menu

Year after year we wait Adha feast to celebrate this holy feast with our friends and relatives. And usually on this special day we gather and enjoy the tasty and delicious food with our loved ones. Today during the science session, we prepared the “Adha Feast Menu” that we will be enjoying during this feast. We promised ourselves to eat variety of healthy food paying attention to sweets and junk food.
                                          Bon Appetite!


Rasha Sukkar said...

ai eid adha we make nice projects and the nice projects miss rawaa pictured us and this day we had fun

Ali Ahmed said...

It is nice to celebrate Adha Feast with KSPS

Samar Lawand said...

you are right rasha it was really a fun day,and good job for the ones in your class who had made this beatiful projects about adha feast.