Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pajama Day

Grade 2 and 3 had a lot of fun through an educational and interesting “Pajama Day” .They came to school wearing their pajamas and carrying their own favorite stuffed animal. First, we had our story time telling each student brought his favorite story to share with his friends. Second, we made a sleeping mask with cardboards and decorated it with stickers and glitters. Third, they watched a movie and ate popcorn. Later, we made a “Spelling Bee” contest with words related to sleeping and night we had 2 winners Issam Grade 3 and  Raghad Grade 2 .At The end , they enjoyed the best pajama contest where they voted for 2 students Rimas Grade 2 and  Mohammad Khattab Grade 3,the winner got pajama day Certificate and a movie.

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