Monday, February 16, 2015

It’s Purple Mash time!

Purple Mash is a new creative online space that hosts interactive activities, creative tools, and games for all subjects to support and inspire creative and interactive learning.
I, as a math and science teacher, started to implement purple mash in my classes. I created accounts for all of my fifth graders; every student had his/her unique username and password. And that’s when the journey of interactivity begun!
We used different tools, played games, created projects, science stories, graphs… and much more.

We used this game while studying about Factors

We used this game while studying about Integers

View a science story about "Nimo", the fish.

 What’s beneficial about Purple Mash is that it is an online tool; my students are continuing their learning anywhere and anytime. Stay tuned to show you how my students are using purple mash at their homes! 

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Rasha Sukkar said...

It's an amazing tool. Once Mrs. Rawaa enters our class we feel excited to use Purple mash again and again.