Saturday, February 06, 2016

New Cooperative Strategies in our Math and Science Classes!

Three-minute Papers:

Every day at the end of the math and science sessions, I ask my students to work in pairs and comment on the following questions:
1-What was the most important or useful thing you learned today?
2-What two important questions do you still have; what remains unclear?
3-What would you like to know more about?
I give my students exactly 3 minutes to submit the “Three-minute paper” to me.
I use these papers to begin the next day’s discussion. This activity provides me with a feedback on where the student is in his/her understanding of the materials taught, and foster students’ voice.

Group Annotations:
At the end of every week, I ask my students to form groups of 4 members each to review the lessons they took in this week. Students discuss key points and look for divergent and convergent thinking and ideas.
Finally each group prepares annotations in the form of a concept map that summarizes the lesson they studied and represent their annotations in front of the whole class.


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