Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Integration of Science with Arts

During the science sessions, cycle 2 students translated their understandings of different scientific concepts into drawing and models. Grade 4 students modeled different plants and animals life cycles, whereas grades 5 and 6 students modeled different body organs and organ systems.


amine daouk said...

good morning Rawaa

Congrats to start with

Keep it up... this continuous activity on blog is very impressive
keep it up

I was wondering about the handwriting of these students?
do we train them to have clear "nice" handwriting?
Is it theirs on the diagrams I see?... if so then CONGRATS...

I was told in School that handwriting is one of the indicators of organised minds !!!!

I wonder

Smile... :-)

Rawaa Shehab said...

Good Morning Sir,
Thank you for your continuous positive feedback on my activities.
We are blessed at KSPS with multi-talented students that are doing amazing projects with their own neat hand writing :)