Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Mother's Day Song

Here's a cute Mother's Day song we like to sing.
By KG2 Students
Thanks to Mr. Yahya Moashe and Mrs. Rola Mrad.


Anonymous said...

Khalil CLOVER School is sooo creative
and sooo outgoing
Thank you Miss Ghina ... miss Rola and Mr Yahya... and the producer... miss Rawya

Great mothers with a smiling Yahya

Many Happy Returns

Yahya Al Maoush said...

شكراً حضرة الرئيس على تشجيعك
ونرجو أن نكون دائماً عند حسن ظنك

هنيئاً للمقاصد برئيسها
الأستاذ أمين الداعوق

الأستاذ يحيى حسن المعوش