Sunday, November 15, 2009

Connecting Classrooms

In the period between October 16th to 24th, and as a cluster coordinator, Miss Rana Lawand travelled to the U.K. to attend the "Connecting Classrooms Contact Seminar" and visit the schools to which Lebanon would be linked with. Connecting Classrooms is a five year program that links schools in the U.K. to schools around the world encouraging intercultural dialogue and active citizenship. The aims of this project is to connect people worldwide with learning opportunities and creative ideas, to build lasting relationships between the U.K. and other countries, and to develop understanding and trust between young people in different societies, thus creating a safe and more connected world for the future. In Lebanon, there are 15 schools who are taking part in this project. These 15 schools are divided among 3 clusters (5 schools in each). Our school is linked with Nottingham City represented in its five schools. The work will be divided among the five schools with an average of minimum 3 activities for each school in each cluster. The activities should be completed before the end of March. Respect is the theme that we have chosen. Keeping in accordance with theme, we will be doing activities for : My City; My Identity, Celebrations, and Caring for our planet as subtitles.

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