Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Working together?

I am deeply moved by the anonymous quotes that Miss Hasnoa Mneimneh from ABSS chose to post on FB. I like to share them with you as we always say,"Together we achieve more": Working together can never be a policy. It can only be an idea. It can never be a code of rules. It can only be a way of looking at the world. We can say, "This is mine," and be good, or we can add, "This is ours" and become better. We can think, "I do my share," and be satisfied, or we can ask, "Can I do more?" and become prosperous We can work alongside each other and function Or we can work with each other and grow


amine daouk said...

Such a great quote, and quoted by a teamster herself, to a blog of a a school with a conspicuous team spirit

I am proud of our two schools and their teams and of course team leaders

عاشت المقاصد

Ghina Al-Badawi said...

Leading a team needs open and frequent communication from the top.We more than ever appreciate gestures from you,our top leader, our president.You are setting an example to us all.We want you to know that not only we admire your frequent praise but also your trust.It pushes us to double effort.We want to keep you proud afterall :)

zeina shehab said...

I loved the quote Mrs. Ghina , we are proud to have a manager like you and a president like Mr. Amine. Together we continue each other.

Hasnao Mneimneh said...

Working together doesn't only
bring out the best in all of us,
it brings out the best in each of us....

Happy to share this with you :)