Wednesday, December 01, 2010

E-Waste Best "Management in Public Administration and Institution" by Beeatoona

Beeatoona launched an event for the e-cycling project for a better future. This project is funded by USAID, Transparency and accountability ِِ Grants (TAG), and Amideast Lebanon. KHALIL SHEHAB SCHOOL-MAKASSEd was invited to the event on Thursday November 30, 2010 and it was attended by Reine Hably and Rawaa Shehab. E –waste contains toxic materials that are harmful to humans and the environment and these elements become really dangerous when devices are broken or went to garbage where there are burned. Ministries in Lebanon witness a lack of process and disposal facilities and there is no legislation to manage these e-wastes. E-cycle prevents us from health and environmental risk. According to a questionnaire done by beeatoona 65% of the people are not aware of e-waste hazardous disposal danger. According to the UN report there are an increase of 40,000,000 ton yearly of e -waste and this Will increase to 500% in the coming years because of the increasing use of electronics. Ministries disposal of e-wastes: 1-35% are sent away, mainly to the garbage 2-65% are stored Some types of e-wastes: 1- TV and Pc monitors 2- Computers and computer peripherals (e.g. web cams, keyboards, scanners, printers, usb flash memory) 3- Audio and stereo equipment (e.g. Mp3 players,dvd,vcr and cd players,etc,) 4- Corded and wireless communication devices 5- Fax and copy machines 6- Video game consoles 7- Batteries,adaptors,chargers and ups 8- Cell phones Some toxic materials founded in the e –waste and their effects: 1-Arsenic founded in Microwaves and switches cause Cancer-diabetes. 2-Lead founded in Computer or TV monitors causes paralysis, coma and death. 3-Mercury founded in Batteries, flat screens and switches causes Diarrhea, lung damage-kidney and fetus development damage Recycling helps reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, reducing the amount of toxic chemicals absorbed into the earth. How is e-cycling done? : 1-Detoxication 2-Dismantling 3-shredding 4-Refining Act responsibly by sending your broken electronic appliances or those that you have been storing for a long time for recycling .No more hazardous disposal of e-waste!! Four easy steps for a better future: 1- Start collecting e-wastes and batteries from your home, school, and neighborhood 2- Look for the nearest e-cycle point on .E-cycle points are generally located inside computer retail shops and now there are 60 points of collection across Lebanon. 3- Drop your e-waste and batteries at the e-cycle points 4- Promote e-waste recycling by telling everyone you know Plug Into The E –Cycle Movement launched by Beeatoona, an non government organization (01-249 653) قيل عن لسان الممثلة عن وزير البيئة ان حرف التاء هو الطاغي في القاموس البيئي: 1-التقليل من استعمال المنتج الاكتر 2-تكرار استعمال المنتج 3-تصليح ما تعطل منه 4-توزيع ما استطعنا منه 5-تدوير ما استطعنا منه 6-التخلص منه و ارساله الى دول اخرى

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