Monday, November 22, 2010

A Guide to parents: Understanding the implementation of the Math Program

The smile of young clovers is the best sign that reflects our feelings of excitement and joy as we embark on this new school year. It is our aim to work with you as partners as we guide your child in her/his pursuit of knowledge.
We use the Harcourt Math books, which provide a whole detailed discussion of instructional strategies that are likely to enhance student learning. We have the book, which is used, in the classroom for solving exercises on the copybook that is checked on a weekly basis by the teacher. To reinforce the skills taught to students in class, we use a practice book for homework which is taken home either daily or during the week-end.
Better problem solvers are better test takers, for that a problem Solving day is done every Thursday to provide an opportunity to diagnose student difficulty in the critical area of problem solving.
Since motivation is the most crucial element of a child's education, many motivating and interesting math activities are done on regular basis.
Parents can support their children’s learning by maintaining regular contact with the school, following up homework assignments, and signing quizzes and tests found in the portfolio.

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